Thougths on Flat-earth people

Recently got sponsored by a so called “Flat-earth theorist”.
I was really surprised when he brought that up since I had heard before about those people just never met one (and honestly I find it ridiculous). Talked hours about the topic just couldn’t come to believe (still find it plainstupid). This is a really smart and welleducated person. Has anyone met a flatearther? If so whats ur experience :slight_smile:

What do you mean “get sponsored by”?

As an amateur astronomer it is very Humorous indeed. The Earths shadow making the round crescent shape on the Moon during it’s many Phases for one. But My Cousin does lives right on the edge I’m told.

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I dunno, parts of the Earth seem pretty flat to me. Other parts are kinda bumpy.

I guess this makes me a “partially flat” theorist!


It means I ended up convincing him for my buy-ins at local Casino MTTs :joy::joy: have never cashed, closest I got was 5th place. ITM is 4th on, since it’s 20-30 players only

Any beginner reading on astronomy you would recommend?

Here’s a good video about flat earth…

By the way, moon phases are not caused by earth’s shadow. When the earth’s shadow does hit the moon, it’s called a lunar eclipse. Normal moon phases are because we only see that part of the moon that is being illuminated by the sun at the time.

We can see earth’s shadow though… it’s called “night.” It gets dark at night because we are in earth’s shadow!


Nice video :+1:

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I believe people in Kansas believe the Earth is flat!

Flat earth advocate - Are you going to believe me, or your lying eyes?

I believe the Earth believe people in Kansas are flat.

the earth is flat, reasons:- theres a real treaty set by major countries that prevents anyone traveling to the south pole to explore it. The south pole is actually the wall that surrounds the circular flat earth, so we live in something like a petri dish.

The first scientist in the name of Piccard described the earth as being ‘flat with upturned edges’, he was the first person to reach the highest point of our atmosphere.

Ever since then, nasa and every country have been covering this fact.

Why??? Why would they??? Please enlighten us :slight_smile:

All rainbows end there, so the area is littered with pots of gold. If we had access to that much gold, it would collapse the world’s economy!

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Although, I can see both sides of this argument, I have seen the curvature with respects to distance such as a helicopter dropping out of site of vision, The helicopter was 24’ above ground at a distance of 6 miles away, over a body of water when it drops out of vision from a Laser telescope. This means with a laser on a straight path, it shows a distance of 24’ (288 inches) above ground when it’s out of telescope vision from 6 miles, So, then you follow the same 24’ drop every 6 miles until it becomes a circle, you will see it takes 25000 miles (24,901.461) to complete the circle. Hence the 24 hour days with 1 extra day tossed in every 4th year. (if math is done correctly it should be 26.52 hours tossed in every 4th year.)

With just a stick in the ground, the Greek mathematician Aristophanes calculated the diameter of the Earth. Aristophanes used a hole in the ground (water well) and on the longest day of the year he watched how the sun directly overhead & shadows lit up the hole, then he did the same thing only with a stick stuck into the ground at exactly 500 miles north (also on the longest day of the year) to find that the stick cast a shadow, after measuring the angle of shadow, he concluded that the diameter of the earth is 8000 miles (7926.6) or 25000 ( 24,901.461) circumference miles around, And Today, even with lasers and GPS, his calculations are still considered accurate.

A way to test this your self

Good to see that someone here has some common sense,

Flat earthers insist that gravity isn’t real. Things fall because the earth is accelerating at 9.8 meters per second per second. They don’t say what force is accelerating the whole planet, but OK.

Assuming we started at 0, accelerating at that rate for 4.5 billion years means we are now moving 3,113,122,226,198,997,853 miles per hour, which is pretty fast.

Even if we also think that the world is only 6,000 years old, which is also absurd, we would currently be going 4,150,829,634,932 miles per hour. Light travels at 670.600.000.000 miles per hour, so even if the earth is only 6,000 years old, we would be going almost 6.2 times the speed of light.

You probably have heard that E = MC², but that only reflects the energy contained in a particle at rest. Moving stuff also has kinetic energy, so we have to add terms that describe this extra energy, like this…


The bit we are concerned with is this one…


If velocity v is greater than the speed of light c, we would have to take the square root of a negative number. We can do this in math, but the result is an imaginary number. We can cancel an imaginary number if one of the other terms is also imaginary. E is the energy, and we know that’s a real number, c is the speed of light, and we know that’s a real number. So that means m, which is mass, would have to be imaginary, and it’s not.

So nothing with mass can move faster than the speed of light. Since the earth has mass, we can’t be going faster than light, and gravity is real, and flat earth theory is totally wrong.

A Great Tradition that hasn’t changed is the first to sight an arriving Ship. When a sailing ship comes to Port the first thing You look for with Ones eyes or High powered optics is the Top of the Sails. Not a tiny tiny boat. Then the whole Sail. Then top of the Ship with Sails. then the Whole visible ship and sails. Is there a Flat map You could recommend?

All the other forces in nature have opposites. In the case of the electromagnetic force, for example, it can attract or repel, depending on the charges of the bodies involved. So what makes gravity different?

Quantum mechanics and relativity, our two most successful theories of how the world works, both seem strangely at odds with the everyday world as we experience it – and with each other.

Quantum theory, which describes how things behave at the subatomic level, is certainly weird. Quantum objects can simultaneously be in two locations, or move in different directions.

Einstein was among the first scientists to try to marry gravity with other theories of physics, yet we may be no closer now than he was when he began his search. The most popular quantum gravity theories today seem to have fundamental problems that no one knows how to solve.

General relativity describes gravity as geometry. The fabric of the universe – the four dimensions of space and time – is full of lumps and bumps created by the presence of mass and energy. This warping is unavoidable; whenever anything – be it you, me, a piece of space dust or a photon of light – tries to travel through the universe in a straight line, it actually follows a trajectory that is curved by any mass and energy in the vicinity. The result of this curvature is what we think of as gravity. To look at it a slightly different way, gravity is not what one body does directly to another, but what a body’s mass does to the surrounding universe.

Take a moment to try a jump into the air. Have you ever thought about how remarkable it is that so little effort is required to jump a few inches off the ground. Your puny muscles, weighing just a few kilograms, can overcome the gravitational force of the Earth, all 6 × 1024 kilograms off it. Gravity is a real weakling – 1040 times weaker than the electromagnetic force that holds atoms together.

Although the other forces act over different ranges, and between very different kinds of particles, they seem to have strengths that are roughly comparable with each other. Gravity is the misfit. Why should this be so?

So far, our best explanation comes from string theory, the leading candidate for a “theory of everything”. String theory requires that the universe has more than the three spatial dimensions that we experience, and possibly as many as 10. According to string theorists’ best ideas, gravity is so weak because, unlike the other forces, it leaks in and out of these extra dimensions. We only get to experience a dribble of the true strength of gravity.

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