This smells

Hand #332645234

I watched a few of the hands and it appears that one of the players was having intermittent connection issues. I think that contributed to the “strange” play you thought was happening.


true, notice the mention in the chatbox, that proves it was a real disconnection problem.


I see that yiamat now that you mention it. Just odd at the timing I suppose, since the hands up to this point he has no issues nor the hands after…

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Player had the same issue at least once more (@ 2 hands later).

Was that before or after I said something to them?

Connection problems… They’re like ghosts around my computer. I live down in a KY gulley … My main connection is just whatever it feels like at the moment…

You’d have to look for yourself but I’m fairly sure after.

not many player look for himself on a four player tabel, but with me it is two things staring dealer put me in a hot seat you can not play from had seat as a player , did not put myself in seat, dealer did they clock is alway set to fast to some times kicking out if hold aa, kk, qq lately is a full house my aa to their three q k. but kick off is problemsome