This one hurt

was finally building up some chips on here after a handful of weeks, and…you can guess the rest…

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Years ago, I decided to take uphill running. I would run to the local hill, and try to get to the top as fast as possible. I would just run as fast as I could until I pooped out, and then I walked the rest. I would get higher each week, as I built endurance, but I kept having to walk to the top.

I had a friend advised me to pace myself. Not to run like a madman straight at the mountain, but to slow down a little bit. “Pace myself? No way dude! I want to charge up there as hard as I can!” Still, I pooped out well before getting to the top of the hill, and I kept having to walk to the top.

Then one day, I decided to take my friends advice and slow down a little bit. I kept jogging, but I didn’t run fullbore. Either that day, or the next, I jogged all the way to the top of the hill without slowing to a walk, because I paced myself.

I think you’re in a similar situation.

The wise advice is to not bet your whole bank account. Conservatively, you might want to play game where the max buy-in is 1/20th the size of your bankroll. If you want to be aggressive, try 1/10 or so. That way, you can weather the ups and downs of accidents, and your good place will add up on average.

I watched your replay. I can understand why you would be frustrated. But if you don’t risk quite so much of your bankroll, you won’t be set back quite so far so fast.



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mikejj86–welcome to the Replay Poker Forums. Here’s a great place to come to lick your wounds and sometimes get great advice like Cleo999 offers. Hope to see you here often–and good luck at the tables.


Rivers can be a cruel unforgiving mistress. At least it’s only play chips, just keep collecting those daily bonuses and try a few small stake tournaments, one step at a time.


That’s Poker for Ya!

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Ça nous arrive malheureusement à tous, comme disait Patrick BRUEL le tout c’est de savoir que faire de son tirage, mon oeil! Si t’as pas de veine , tintin…
Translate: Unfortunately, it happens to all of us, as Patrick BRUEL said, it’s all about knowing what to do with your print, my eye! If you’re out of luck, tintin…


Unlucky on the river, but obviously they were quite a lot of hands that were already beating King Ten suited.

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I didnt even see the hand - But- if you want to help me drain the river - lets do it - I almost changed my name to the river beat king -


at least it wasn’t as bad as this river beat for a billion + chips!

judging by his profile and RPP level:

those chips were likely bought with cash, then promptly dumped

That’s a lot of cash $$$

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The hand you showed was in 2020 and the profile you posted was established in Jan 2022. Not really related.

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whoops, you’re right - i failed at player search function

looks like it pulled up mattyballin when i searched mattyball because mattyball no longer exists

maybe not that far fetched that someone closed an account and opened a new and very similarly named one at a later time, however


Betting 17k into 3k wasn’t a wise move. Neither was the raise then call but sh!t happens here on replay.


Bankroll management is important. An acquantaince of mine put his entire bankroll on the table in the BIG PLO game in Tunica 20 years ago ($15,000) and immediately tripled up he decided to be dealt in and called a raise without cashing out and flopped QUADS. You know the rest.

If you repeatedly put your entire bankroll at risk no matter how far ahead you will absolutely go broke eventually. Taking shots is OK but not with 100% of your bankroll if your bankroll matters to you.


This is also true for tournament play. Basically when you start a tournament everyone given an equal number of chips to play with, and from that point on your job is to manage that bankroll and stay ahead of the blinds.

Many players disregard stack size and will come to grief making oversized bets with hands like AK, AQ and small pocket pairs, when actually they have decent size stacks and no need to put nearly all their chips at risk, especially in multi-way pots.

So for example, it is the first hand of a tournament and everyone has 5,000 chips. You are in the BB and your cards are AK unsuited. UTG opens with a massive raise of 20 BBs and the betting is folded to you. Reraise, call, or fold?

I would probably fold, because it is not worth playing a pot of that size at that stage of the game.

There is only a 30% chance that you will make a pair on the flop. Your opponent is probably going to make a huge bet on the flop. And even if you do make a pair on the flop, it Is by no means certain that you will be ahead on the flop. Yes, you could reraise all in, and maybe you would win the pot and double up. But now you have 10,000 chips and everyone else has 5,000, which is nice, but you are still a very long way from getting into the money.

Playing tournaments is largely a matter of staying alive until nobody else is. Often the early leaders who takes massive risks and get lucky get overtaken in the second hour, because a bit of good luck convinces them that they are invincible and they start calling raises without having the correct odds.

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Well said, re: ‘if your bankroll matters to you’ I go back and forth on that

some weeks would rather gain a little a day and watch my ‘ranking’ rise
some days ‘eh these aren’t worth anything anyway, let’s ride!’

much people play bingo poker


AWWW, u both not the best, u for calling all your hard-earned chips with one pair and him for all in with small pair. I would LOVE to see you 2 at my cash games lol.

Oh man I love rude people with a big stack of fake chips that think they run the world (or think having some fake chips anyone in this site can buy for about $10 US says anything about their real life poker ability or winnings)

Thanks for the laugh

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