This is the worst texas holdem site i played online

looks like there is alot of bot users here on this site , i am new here and played over 2 hours and not win 1 game , the funny thing is i play texas holdem for a living in real life , hahah this site is a joke

you actually took the time to post this?? are you also looking back as you leave to see who is following you???

no I do not like this idea… clicked in error and unable to reverse

Well I count 24 hands won out of 123 played since you joined yesterday which is about 20% win rate, not too shabby… and so the list goes on…

And there are no bots playing on ReplayPoker, we’re all living, breathing, human beings. No WALL-Es here.

He meant users use bot- programs themselfs.

Where do you play? I would like to join you for cash!!!