This hand cost me 1st

need advice. i shoved when i saw the flop, because i didn’t want him to draw into a hand. who bets that many chips on a straight draw?

Heads up with the big stack, I would call an open ended straight draw with that hand. Of course, with the short stack and pocket Aces, I probably would have gone all in preflop, unless your opponent was playing really tight.



Shove/Fold strategy pre-flop becomes a very viable option in heads-up play. A larger raise or a shove may have coaxed a fold pre-flop in this situation.

However, once your opponent got a taste on the flop, your fold equity was near zero. You did have the Ace-high straight draw for a chop if a King came, but unfortunately one of the four 8s came instead.

The pot odds were not exactly great for the number of outs, but that is not why your opponent called. There was value in finishing the tournament and getting the 1st place payout. The big stack is typically going to call without ideal odds for this reason alone.


quite a few people on this site

Preflop all in was the play w/chip counts shown, not after that flop

if that hand reeks of rookie mistakes, this is the preceding one.
in my defense, i’ve only been playing holdem a couple of months, except against computers, on game sites, now and then. i also watch the pros on youtube quite a bit, which is where i picked up what little i know about outs, and table position.and such. i’ve been playing draw and stud for over 50 years, for what that’s worth
thanks to all who took the time answer