They called me a donkey

There are different levels of competition across all sports, though. I don’t expect everyone to play with the aggressiveness and determination to win like a Pete Rose or a Vince Lombardi. Everyone should have a place to play where they can compete at their own level and enjoy the game.

Some of us are quite serious and want to be the best, and others may not be so dedicated, yet would like to win now and again while enjoying a more casual game. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, and if people want to create a space for themselves that fosters the type of spirit they want to bring to the game, let them find each other, I say.

But I think it’s challenging to keep out people who aren’t right for the type of play you might want if you are only playing in the general public games. So an invite-only league might be an answer to that.

Only, I still don’t really know how to govern members so that they play “friendly” style game as opposed to trying their best to win and improve their game as they gain experience. The two seem to me a bit at loggerheads, and I don’t know how to resolve it. Perhaps a dual league system, like the Donks and Foals, only when you get too good to play at the fun league, they vote you out and you are exiled to the cutthroat league.

I dunno. Maybe?

Another idea that could work: A website/league that has a max limit of the number of chips a player can retain in their bankroll. If they hit max, they get dropped back down to the starting stack size. Games are ultra-low stakes, as well.

So, a table where everyone gets 500 chips, the blinds start at 1/2 and go up to a maximum of 25/50, and stay there until the game is resolved. Winners take a top prize of 50 chips for a 5-chip buyin, and if they exceed 1500 in their bankroll, they’re automatically reduced back down to 150.

The idea here would be to simulate a fun “poker night” game people play with their friends in their homes, not at a casino. Where everyone puts in $5-10, they play all night, and the winner takes home maybe $25-50 for first place, and has to buy the beer and snacks with their winnings the following week.

It might be interesting to start a league that is made up of players who have never bought chips. I wonder if there is anyway for players, without the assistance of RP, to determine who has purchased chips and who hasn’t. Most of the highly ranked players I’ve sat down with play like a new player with no bankroll, very very loose, calling/raising nearly every opportunity regardless of the cards they are holding and/or the flop.

I could care less about my “ranking”, but do care about finding players who play on RP as if they are playing with real cash and DON’T buy their way up the ranking boards.

Maybe a league with players who have a set amount of chips, say between 1 - 5 million (again without having bought chips) and create games that require a “large” buy-in? That might go a long ways to in keeping out the donkeys, regardless of the size of their stack.

that’s why when I play poker, I don’t say anything LOL!

boring… sorry, that’s how I felt when I read it.

                               Humbly yours, Dayman :slight_smile:

I’ve never bought chips, but a large proportion of my bankroll is bonus chips from promotions. I sat down once and put together a spreadsheet to figure it out, and it’s pretty sizeable, maybe half of my chips or more. I’ve considered “tip jarring” the bonus chips back to the house, so I can say that every chips I have, I’ve earned, but I haven’t done it, because if no one else is doing it, it makes it harder to compare how I rank against other players.

I don’t know how you’d enforce the “never bought chips” rule, and in any case I think replay would really prefer players to buy chips so that they can fund the site and keep it operational, so I really doubt that this would fly.

I think it would be really cool if Replay could “mark” the chips in various ways: bought chips, earned chips, and promotional bonuses could all be tagged in some way (and change; if you lose a bonus chip to another player in a hand, when they take it, it becomes an “earned” chip). This would make it much more clear who the really good players are, if ranking could be sorted on earned chips.

Hi everybody, first of all english is not my first language so sorry if I post something wrong.
I am new to this site but I am very active on other poker sites for years. I understand the rules what it takes to win a hand, I love card games, I love to bet and I love to win but something I obviously lack is patience. Actually I am really patient but in the beginning I have spent time on the table playing “like it’s supposed to be” not going all-in all the time like a lunatic, raising slowly my bet from time to time like all the other players on the table. The result? Wasting 1-2 hours every day only to play for a very small amount of money (if you add and take away the money I’ve won and lost at the table). That was quite boring to me, there was once a guy who had 3B on his account yet he wasted 40 minutes at a 10K table playing for 500 chips all the time.

So I have tried to make the game faster and funnier to me because I love when I spend 30-60 minutes a day doing something to at least see the big result or fail in the beginning so I don’t have to spend an hour or sometimes two only to win maybe only 200K in the end.
Believe it or not, I found out about the term Donkey a few weeks ago when somebody posted a message “Bingo Player” after I have won a hand. I typed it on Google and found out that byngo players/donkeys are not only the least popular people on poker, those people can also be banned on most pokersites.

Well, I am not one of these “Donkey” players who go always All-In even with a 2&4, 3&J or 5&7 but I will always go All-In when one of my cards are an A, if I have a J&K, Q&K or a pair of whatever cards so it can happen that I go All-In 4 hands in a row or don’t go All-In 4 hands in a row if I don’t have those cards.

I am honest and say I have played that way for years on other sites and I will probably do the same here if I don’t get banned for that so I would know from staff and other players what’s wrong with that.
My game is not mean-spirited, I don’t use cheats, don’t steal, don’t follow certain players to make them lose their chips, I don’t stay longer than 4-5 hands on one table (depends if I win at least a million or lose all after an All-In) and move on to try the same on other tables. The biggest reason I do this is because I don’t want to be angry because I have won 8K with a J&A when I can try and win 2 million at the table. On the other hand people forget that I can also fail so people can win 800K from me in 10 seconds instead of 20K in 15 minutes.

Is it so bad that I have my definition of fun and the way how to play? I am fully aware that most players play it more serious and I know how that works but why can I choose my way of play? Please reply because to be honest I am a little bit shocked to read that most people call it a reason to get banned.

Your chips, your time, play the way you want.

No matter how you play, someone won’t like it. With over 7 billion people on the planet, it’s unreasonable to think they will all like you. So what? Be who you need to be, play how you want to play, and just have fun according to how you define the term.

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Thanks for the reply. I have no problem with not being liked by everybody or that there will always be unhappy people no matter what, it’s that a certain style of play can lead to being reported or banned (I’m talking about pokersites in general).
P.S. I see you have posted something similar in the other thread and have a similar opinion on that one :slight_smile:

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Nobody minds when someone plays poorly and loses. They only care when they play poorly and wins. I personally hate it and will go into a rage when I’ve been playing tight, disciplined, patient poker for the better part of an hour and get destroyed in one hand by someone flippantly making a call with bottom pair when I raised big with a hand like AK AQ, the flop is all disconnected rainbow rags, and I fire off a continuation bet that should get anyone with bottom pair to fold, only they can’t find the fold button. Or when I’m in a hand and someone has bottom pair, won’t bet the whole time, but will call a pot-sized bet on the river after the entire table checked to the river and I decide I should be good to try to buy the pot with my Ace High, K kicker.

But if someone plays tight, disciplined and patient, for example on a 1K bet table and after 5 hands decides it’s time to raise the bet to 5K (when having a pair of J’s for example) why should he blame someone who gets a pair of J’s and goes All-In? I mean it’s your decision how much you wanted to raise and when to stop to play tight and bet at minimum, your choice if you wanted to go with 2, 5 or 50K without asking someone for permission, why should the other players not do the same? Maybe someone thinks his cards are so good it’s worth to bet 800-900K.

Very well said SunPowerGuru
If I step into the MMA ring I expect to get hit hard AND to hit back HARDER. If I lose, I just step back and train harder for the next bout. As I have said in another post, those who want to be a part of the social aspects of poker should stay in the realm of the lower stakes games as that is where you’ll find social players that don’t get blown out by losing large pots. The larger stakes games are where you find the more serious, competitive players that are NOT there to chat. They play hard and enjoy the stiff competition.

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Poker attracts some of the most ignorant people imaginable. You could bust someone 5 times in a row … and they sit there holding a grudge against you the entire night calling you a retard , ■■■■■■ etc etc. It is very rude & very irritating…

I find it’s generally good to be the most hated player at the table. That means you’re playing in a way that’s throwing them off and they’re getting tilted. People used to call me a donkey on here when my bluffs didn’t work or when I would bet on a draw and hit for example, but now even at the higher tables I win most of my chips bluffing and always show lol

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I wouldn’t necessarily call them “ignorant,” but rather immature. These are the ones who eventually believe that Poker sites such as Replay are “fixed.” They are too immature to believe they are their own worst enemy, they suffer from “The Dunning-Kruger effect.” Why Do Stupid People Think They're Smart? The Dunning Kruger Effect (animated) - YouTube

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Play it, Leo !! The 3 best words in music.

Rage, or losing one’s composure in any form, is the killer for a disciplined player playing in an MTT and then the village’s most prominent idiot has just been seated to your left and has a stack taboot , taboot…Patience and being aware of every play during every hand in every situation and somehow remembering that and recalling it in those crucial moments. If you notice certain players have given away that boat they flopped by shoving pre turn or developed a pattern of how much they bet or how long they take to make their choice to the point it is actually a “tell” or not. It’s why I keep notes on people that stand out to me , positive or negative, tbh. and it can be vital and useful information as to how to best play your hand when that situation arises the next time.

I recently limped in a hand with a 2 in it, from the blinds. I must have had a T or better as a kicker, because when someone shoved on the flop,(2 2, Royal) I covered it. I actually got a forth deuce, which was not needed. The guy seemed surprised, and asked me how i could have possibly stayed in the hand. All i could think of was “I flopped trips”

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