They called me a donkey

so I kicked their Aces… and finished in 2nd place in this tournament.

I won three hands in a row with shoves and after the third, the opponent on my right called me a donkey, although this does not show up on the replays.

My hands were T 7s, AQs, and TT.

I LOVE it when I am called a donkey. This is an indication that opponent is about to make a fatal error for all his chips.


Haha ! Sometimes it happens that you just keep getting good hands, and shoving over and over seems suspicious to them…

I find it curious when players, who (at a minimum) obviously don’t understand pot equity, get upset at the play of those of us who do.

I don’t ever recall being called a donkey (at least not at that stage of a tourney), but I have heard “bully” and “bluffer” when I have repeatedly gone all-in hand after hand (as the cards I am holding warranted).

What, am I supposed to, forget the primary objective here is to “win”? I have been told that such play is “not very nice” and “mean-spirited”. On the contrary, if we accept the premise the primary goal is to “win”, then all other considerations, must by definition, be secondary at best and not worthy of much consideration (so long as poker etiquette is followed).

So I will gladly “play MY cards” the way I think a pro might under similar (as if you can equate real vs. play chips) circumstances. Many times taking away all your opponents’ (and by this time there is usually only a couple) choices, save one, is more than they can figure out how to deal with (regardless of the cards they are holding). Until you figure that at you are basically at the whim of the all-inner and should expect such play to continue until you do, or are knocked out.

Personally, I prefer Ass to Donkey (rectum will do in a pinch - no pun intended), but the last time I intonated the word “Ass” on RP my post was deleted (such is life). I am sure there are some who would agree that I am more like the former than the later, but that is usually because I am taking their chips and/or knocking them out of a tournament.

I recall a thread (though I can’t find it now) asking players what they considered to be the most powerful move/play (I am paraphrasing - I hope) in poker. My answer was (I am amending it slightly - for seat position) the under-the-gun all-in shove.

Keep pushin’ On! - REO Speedwagon


Yeah, well, I said “kicked their Aces” so as not to use what my little daughter calls a “bad word” that might offend some of the more genteel site members.

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It is usually the person/persons calling others “donkey player” who is the donkey. They think their problem is you who plays so horribly when in reality it is their lack of understanding the most very basic strategies of the game i.e. pot odds, equity, break even %, expected value, ICM, short stack play and much more. Keep telling me how uncomfortable I’m making you, I’m sure that’s going to help. I mean of course I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable, especially the guys that are playing weak passive off of 10 bb’s. PFFT!


Yes, of course, and all information on behavior of players at the table is useful. For me being called a donkey is the highest compliment, because it means that my table image is deceiving opponents and enables me to make bluffs that are not called, and have my strong hands called by opponents with weaker hands, and have opponents with rags bluff into my strong hands.

(Assuming that I am not in reality a donkey.)

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Hee- Haw! We should form a club. RP ASSociates - membership by invitation only.

I used to play at a site that let you buy little icons to go next to each player. You could buy them a bottle of wine, cup of coffee, or a turkey, bingo card, donkey, and many other things.

Whenever I sat at a table, I always bought myself a donkey right away. :slight_smile:


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How’d you get a picture of my uncle Leo?

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I’ve played cards of one type or another all my life since my mom was a competitive ACBL Life Master. Eight years ago, after my spouse passed away, I started playing in a live Texas Hold’em league, I had a difficult time playing aggressive against my new friends not wanting to make them mad or something. Well those days are gone. People respond to loss is different ways. Yesterday I took out two friends; one took it in stride, the other, well, he’s giving me the cold shoulder. Makes me sad but that’s the nature of the beast.


I’v learned through playing this tourney they r not 4 me. I want 2 win but I want 2 enjoy the game, To constantly shove all in or make constant big preflop bids is rude 2 me. At the end of the day it’s just a game an yes we all want 2 win but I like 2 feel like I earned the win,not bullied alot of people 2 win.This is just my personal feeling. I prefer friends at the end of the game.

i love my brother, dearly, but you put us on a basketball court, when we were kids, and it was war. be it sports when i was younger, pool leagues, bowling leagues, or here playing poker, i love to compete. however, i have no desire to dominate weaker players, or ruin things for people who are here as a pastime, or for social reasons. perhaps replay could incorporate a private table system, for friends who just want to chat, and play cards. leave plenty of open tables for us that want to jump in and battle. it’s not like i’m here for the money. if we are talking money, then bring on the fish.


Replay already has this. I know you can have invite only tournament leagues. I would think you could do the same home game setting for ring games too.

These two lines of thought do not compute. You say you want to win, which should make it okay with you if others want to win too, but you don’t want anyone to actually play poker well enough to win. I don’t get it. Help me understand please.

because I play 2 enjoy myself,it’s something I’v picked up since my husband passed away.He was a very aggresive player which I never played 4 that reason an he understood me,it’s just not me. I 'm the type of person waidus is talking about,just want 2 enjoy the game with friends. Tourneys r not 4 people like me

one of the things i’ve learned is how easily i can be outplayed. i put myself in the highest stakes i can afford because i tend to pick up things quicker from players who are better than me, and when it costs me. i don’t whine because i’m getting better, and my goal is to play at higher levels. people who are offended, when they get bullied by what for most, is a winning strategy, must be here for different reasons. i guess what i’m saying is, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, but it’d be nice of replay to provide a venue for the social side. like you said, maybe that’s what leagues are for.

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Bullies can only exist within a victim mentality.

If one steps into a boxing or MMA ring, they should expect a fight. If your opponent is stronger, faster, and more aggressive, he’s not a bully, he’s just better at the fight game.

Poker is highly competitive by it’s very nature. It’s a zero sum game where there has to be losers for there to be winners. It is what it is.

I like the social aspects of the game, but I don’t cut my friends any slack, and don’t expect them to cut me any. Don’t take it personally, it’s just the nature of the game.