There should really be a lot more community topic chatting going on here

Hey, all.

Started playing here around Jan '16 because, well, you know, it was cold and frigid out and, honestly, I get a lot more value talking to people online than I do watching a movie or playing a video game.

Now, understandibly, not a lot of people comment on messageboards anymore, from what I’ve seen. And can I blame them? I guess, not really. There’s a lot of vitriol out there. People pushing their greivances out on an anonymous online world.

But… it still seems like this particular community should be at the very least a little more close knit. Or, if not that, a little more vocal?

I mean, honestly, in the 10+ months i’ve been here, this messageboard is the personifcation of DEAD.

Hello? Anyone out there? I know we don’t always have the time or the energy to chat during a tourney or anything along those lines, but there is no reason in the world that this messageboard should be that dead save for the ‘what did you listen to last?’ thread.

It’s not earth-shaking… just wondering if I can say ‘hey’ to anyone here without feeling like I’m talking to a bot.

btw, gg

Oh, and gl


+1 for using “vitriol” correctly in a sentence.

The forum would get a lot more traffic and use if it had a dedicated “strategy” section. I have suggested this in the past, but eh, what the hell do I know, right?

Poker players like to talk about poker. Poker players don’t like hearing bad beat stories and endless claims that the site is rigged. Actually, nobody likes hearing (or reading) bad beat stories.

It follows then, that a dedicated strategy section would give this forum actual value, and that adding value would increase usage.

But nooooooo, we can’t do that because it would take all of 4 minutes to set up.


But but but… I had, like, 6 million chips and lost it all in a high tier game against some regulars here! Can’t I just ‘waaah’ about that?

(lol… no i won’t waaah about that. His A-4 beat my A-10 via a river straight and that’s just the way it goes. I shan’t whine about it.)

(does ‘shan’t’ garner me any more internet up votes to go along with ‘vitriol’? Because if it does, please please please let Mr Replay know about it so I can garner some more chips! :slight_smile:)

Isn’t it enough to bless us with random displays of your brilliant oratory prowess?


You must also be dazzled and amazed by my use of the J-10 offsuit.

An absolute prerequisite.

Too many times comments on here are met with “Get better and quit complaining”.
Unsolicited criticism disguised as advice is it’s own form of vitriol.
I’m not surprised the chatting is sparse.


The “General Poker Chat” section is meant to be for strategy (rather than talk about the site itself). In theory. Not always in practice, obviously. :slight_smile:

Definitely something we want to work on, though. I’d love to see more traffic on the forums (my poker game could certainly use the help), so we’re looking into refining categories and ensuring that they all Make Sense ™.

As far as the complaints of randomness go, I’m not especially keen on silencing all discussion on the matter – even though I do feel like Replay (and many of our players) have said pretty much all we can say on the matter. I try to move all of those into “The fairness debate” topic, though they occasionally slip through the tracks.

We’ll have a better presence here and do what we can to facilitate more conversation. I pull suggestions folks make here and take them to our devs, and they’ve generated great discussion back of house, so it’s important to me that we get more activity (even if I’m not a pro who can contribute to strategy talk!). I’m always all-ears on suggestions. :relaxed:


I’m thinking both in terms of ease of use and SEO.

Since the “General Poker Chat” section is already filled with non-strategy threads, it makes it harder to find those few posts related to strategy.

From an SEO perspective, few people search for “poker chat” when they are looking for “poker strategy,” as a few minutes with any key phrase ranking tool will clearly show. Better search engine placement for your key search phrases means more traffic. More traffic means more people buying chips. More money is better than less money.

Anywho, you guys already realize I’m a malcontent who is weak, but dreams of being strong. In this case, however, I’m really just trying to help. :slight_smile:


I think sometimes or more often than not you get rewarded when you make the right decisions especially in tournaments from my experience. True/false?

What are right decisions? it’s only afterwards you find out isn’t it. it all depends on the cards you get and how it works out. if you won it was a good decision, if not, not…:slight_smile:
i wish everybody nice holidays. and many good “decisions” in the new year.

I think you would see more traffic if the location was changed to something you see each time you visit. I just happen to think about the forums infrequently and then visit

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Right decisions are statistically correct, wrong decisions aren’t.

Ignoring implied odds for the sake of simplicity, consider a situation where you hold the AJ of spades and are at the turn with 2 spades on the board and nothing but your flush draw. If you hit the flush on the river you win, otherwise you lose.

Situation 1: There’s 1000 in the pot and it will cost you 100 to call.

Situation 2: There’s 1000 in the pot and it will cost you 500 to call.

The “right decisions” are to call in situation 1 and fold in situation 2.

You will make your flush about 1 time in 5, on average. In situation 1, this means you will NOT make it 4 times, losing 400 (100X4) and make it once, winning 1000. Subtract the 400 from the 1000 and you end up with 600, and 600/5=120. This means, on average, you will profit 120 each time you make this decision, even those times you miss your flush,

In situation 2, you will miss 4 times, losing 2000 (500X4) and win once, winning 1000. On average, you will lose 1000 for every 5 times, which is -200 per try, and this is still true even if you make the flush.

As you can see, in the long run you will profit from making good decisions and lose by making bad decisions, and it doesn’t really matter how the cards come.

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your absolutly right, i can see what your saying now and it make sens.
i wasn’t really thinking. thanks for clearing it up.

can u explain that in less words, you guru voodu no nothiongless

No, I can’t.

Yeah guru, that is correct. But taking into consideration that the opponent might be bluffing or waiting for the same flush or just a beginner might make situation 2 a worthy call. The bets on the river will also be rewarding if you hit the flush.

I agree with killer g on this one.

yes no

It definitely scores points with me. My two favorite games are poker and scrabble.

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Yes, this is the “implied odds” part. I eliminated that part to simply it and explain the concept of EV