There is to much profanity in ur tables

there is to much profanity in ur tables

When there is to much profanity and players are using abusive, foul, racist, threatening or otherwise inappropriate chat, plaese save the handnumber (you find it in the upper left corner of the room) and send it to a moderator.

Then we can investigate and take action. We always need a hand number.

When you see that a moderator is online (playing) you can ask him / her to come to the table or sent a message with the roomname and with a handnumber.

Even when there is not a moderator online, you always can send a message, we take a look ( and take action) the next day.

We’re adding a new reporting tool to help combat this type of problem. When when have proof that a player is behaving inappropriately we can take action like mute or even ban that player for a length of time; and we regularly do this.

thank u very much for taking this action