The WSOP Main Event Thread

The World Series Of Poker Main Event coverage begins tomorrow on ESPN2 so I figured I would open this thread if anyone else is watching so everyone can discuss the event. Who do you think will win? My pick to win is my favorite Poker player Daniel Negreanu.


I’m going with Craig_Anthony :+1:t2::joy:lol

Nice idea for a thread Marc :+1:t2:


In related news Daniel Negreanu liked a tweet I posted on Twitter earlier tonight!


Awesome Marc !!!

My pick is … an unknown player… lol Cant wait to watch it “Love Poker!”

go … Antonio Esfandiari

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The WSOP is live on ESPN2 right now!

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Does the patch on the guy in the green jacket say REPLAY? I cant see the 1st letter but sure as heck looks like it. Waltermann, I think is the name


I just saw the guy your talking about. I couldn’t see the first letters on the jacket but I thought I saw “Play”. This is gonna drive me crazy now lol.

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@1Warlock just took this pic.

Tough to see but I’m 99% sure it says Replay. Has to be a coincidence.


They showed it from a side angle at it does say REPLAY. Just funny. Someone from RP get in touch with him ASAP and have him promote the site :slight_smile:

And with the check raise on A8ss having missed the Q-high single spade flop and then nailing the A on the turn, he is just the sort of guy who would fit in well here :slight_smile:


I was at the Rio one time about10-15 years ago. Went to the mens room and ran into Daniel Negreanu. We spoke, I congratulated him on how well he was doing so far in that tourney. He thanked me. He had just left the urinal so I didn’t offer to shake hands.:roll_eyes:



The format is a little tough to follow but still good love live poker.
Is this the first time they are broadcasting a day one event? Instead of waiting an doing an overview?
I’m watching 5 hrs behind :smiley:

Yep it’s the first time there brodcasting the event from day 1.

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Pretty Awesome!

The replay guy sure did have a lot of pocket 10’s I kind of felt he could play them better but maybe that’s because I can see everyone else’s cards lol

And the girl that called the 11k she was crushed when the other guy showed those bullets, I kind of felt for her but I probably would have folded.

Oh… and how about last years champion trying to make a move on a wet board… ridiculous lol



Im very happy they are showing it on ESPN2 so tired of hearing / seeing all of the plugs for PokerGo.

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That’s odd… the same thing happened to me in '06. Most people used the Porta-Potties out back, but there’s a little-known men’s room… facing the bar in back, take a left, go past the barricade, take a left, then a quick right, another right, and the men’s room in just ahead on your right.

I walked in, and there was Daniel Negreanu at the urinal. What are the odds of that? Hahaha.

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Weak bladder for all 3 ? Lol