The Video Game Thread!

Hi everyone!

I thought this would be a fun thread to create and talk about video games!

At one point or another I’m sure we’ve all played video games. I grew up with the Nintendo Gamecube and the Playstation 1 & 2.

My favorite console was the GameCube. I remember playing classic games like Super Mario Sunshine, Madden NFL 2003, Super Monkey Ball and The Sims just to name a few games.

I remember during the Summer months my cousins would come over and spend the night at me and my brother’s house and we would have all night gaming sessions. We only had 2 controllers so every 15 minutes we would try to rotate who was playing. I can’t tell you how many nights we stayed up trying to beat Super Mario Sunshine.

It wasn’t until about 2007 that I got the Playstation 2. By then I mostly switched to sports video games and that’s true to this day. I grew a huge sporting video game collection. I had the Madden games, NHL games, Wrestling games and Baseball games. I only had a few non related sports games like GTA from Rockstar and a few of their other games.

I sold my PS2 in 2013 along with my game collection and got the PlayStation 3 which again was mostly just sports games with few exceptions.

I got my PS4 in 2016 and have had it since then. I don’t play a lot maybe once or twice a week. I rarely do online gaming. One non sports related game I play on the Playstation 4 is Fortnite. It’s not really my type of game though and I have to be in a certain mood to play it.

One thing I miss about the older consoles is you never had to install a video game. You went to the store, bought the game, went home and put the game in the console and the game would load right up. These days the game needs to install onto the console which can take hours and on top of that you need to install the updates to the game.

One thing you don’t see much of anymore at least where I live is Arcades. I miss playing the classic games at the arcades like PacMan, the Mario games, Skee Ball and all of the Pinball machines.

What games do you like playing? What video game console do / did you have? What was your favorite video game you’ve ever played?


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As far as video games go FIFA soccer is always a winner.
In regards non sports games for me my list goes like this :
The Syphon Filter series
Fallout 3

Fallout New Vegas
The Last of Us
and the best game ever…
Red Dead Redemption. Who doesn’t love being a cowboy


This is my current obsession–but I’ve had many obsessions and will share others alter.


I’ve been thinking about trying both Red Dead Redemption & Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I just need to find the time to play them.



Don’t get me started with updating/ect ect. (shruggs)
I think you almost have to name the genre 1st , before you can name top games.
I always liked consoles cause they weren’t PCs, before they basically became PCs.

My level of enjoyment of a game alot deals with controllers… Certain games just cannot be played without the right controller, like driving or flying games. I really like games that are not just beaten then shelve’d. Some games are best played only with other people, while some are best suited for 1 player.

Hard to ever pic a ultimate fav, but I guess mine would be a space flight sim, played on PC … then ultimately played in online tournments.
– X-Wing vs TheTieFighter, BoP edition – ( have 3rd party mission creator too )

I also think which platform you own will determine ppls fav games, as many games are platform specific. You can’t play a nintendo 64 game on a playstation.

Im not a big fan of 1st person shooters yet have enjoyed a few of them. I like games that are challanging brain wise like Quest games, but a few button mashers are in my repitwa. Once you migrate to MM games online, or online games in general I think there are so many options.

Arcade games are a whole different genre. PC/console games pretty much kill’d arcade games but most ppl won’t have a setup to recreate the sit-down version of the 3 orig star wars games. Also, who hasn’t spent a few hours playing retro games that for the most part were Arcade Games. As of yet, noone has been able to fully recreate 720 , because of its unique joystick rotation. ( 1 of my favs )

Sure Eye-Candy is nice, but I will always lean to games that take a brain or has a better storyline vs games that look fantastic but have no depth of play.

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Good point Sarah. This reminds me of special controllers for video games like NASCAR and other driving / racing games. I had this special driving controller for Gamecube it had the steering wheel, shifts & pedals which made the NASCAR game and other driving games a lot more fun and made it feel more realistic.

Playstation has a couple great controllers. The Driving one was best, it almost mimic’d a RC controller with a wheel and a trigger… but there was a fishing real one too. Any flying sim cannot be played with a std controller, you need a actuall Flight Joystick… ok it can but its very hard.

I will say Marc, I can improve 1 product currently popular in way that would explode use, just like the mouse did to the PC.

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I love just about any game that isn’t a first-person shooter (first person games in general make me pretty queasy).

RPGs are probably my favorite, and the Dragon Quest series in particular has brought me joy throughout my life. Also a huge Zelda fan, and Nintendo in general. My favorite console is the SNES, followed by the Switch. It’s already got quite a good library.

I can’t wait for Animal Crossing to come out this weekend!


This could also be posted under “How Covid19 is impacting my life.” hahha! Here’s how we exercise in a rainy climate! Cheers, all!


Sony Playstation has announced the Play At Home Initiative and is giving all PS4 users 2 free video games. Below is a link to their official blog post.


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I was thinking about some old favorite video games I used to play growing up as a child and here are some of my favorite video games growing up and the consoles they were on.

  • Super Mario Sunshine (Game Cube)

  • Madden NFL 2003 (Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Game Cube, Game Boy Advance, Xbox)

  • NASCAR Thunder 2003 (PlayStation 2, PlayStation, GameCube, Microsoft Windows, Xbox)

  • Super Monkey Ball (Game Cube)

  • Spyro Series (remastered as Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One)

What were your favorite video games growing up as a child?


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Well, speaking as a woman of 65 years, video games did not exist, so I’m looking forward to my second childhood and hope to enjoy some then. I’ll get back to you!


I was an adult long before buying a Lottery ticket was legal. The closest thing to a public game from my childhood, that was widely enjoyed and usually played for money (other than card games) is still played today. It’s probably available somewhere in/near your current town. It’s called Bingo.

Other than that, Monopoly or Sorry would be as close as we’d be able to get. The computer attached to a TV monitor really revolutionized our entertainment world. Hurrah for Pong!


Heads up!

Sony will officially be revealing the Playstation 5 tomorrow at 4:00pm ET / 1:00pm PDT. The streams can be found on Playstation’s social media and YouTube pages.

It is expected the Playstation 5 will be available this holiday season.

Looking forward to the reveal tomorrow!


  • my favorite kind of games are defenitely RPG’s by far, like other games too but just not as much.
  • i have a ps3, ps2, gamecube, wii, 3ds, ds, psp, psvita and maybe i forgot something but thats defenitely most of it
  • 1 final fantasy
    2 star ocean
    3 dragon quest
    4 chrono trigger
    5 kingdom hearts
    ? soulsborne (will be somewhere between 4th and 6th, 4th most likely)
    as for specific ones:
    1 final fantasy XII
    2 star ocean till the end of time
    3 dragon quest the journey of the cursed king
    4 final fantasy X

For those interested here’s a link to the Playstation 5 reveal stream!



My overall thoughts of the Playstation 5 reveal: Pretty good. A lot of the games they showcased looked promising though you could tell some of the games are clearly targeted at the younger fanbase.

I was really intrested in Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. It looks like a fun game and I’ll definitely want to try it out.

The console itself looks good in my opinion and has a futuristic look to it.

I also like that the PS5 controllers have wireless charging docks. Hopefully the battery in the Dualsense controllers has a longer battery life then the Dualshock controllers.

I’m a little surprised they didn’t announce a price for Playstation 5. I just hope it’s a reasonable price.

Interesting note: It looks like there there are two versions of the PS5 one with a disk slot and one without one.

Looking forward to the Playstation 5!!!



In the gaming community there’s been a long lasting debate and I wanted to get your thoughts about it.

Do you prefer Digital copies of a game or Physical copies of a game?

I’ve spent some time thinking about it and for me it really comes down to what’s more convenient and I don’t really have a preference of one over the other.

Here are some pro’s and con’s about Digital & Physical games:

Digital Game Pros:

  • Can easily switch between games.

  • Don’t have to worry about scratching a disk.

  • If you pre-order a game the game will be available to play at midnight on the release date.

  • Convenience of not having to go to the store to buy a game.

  • Won’t take up any physical storage space / shelf space.

Digital game cons:

  • Can’t resell, trade or loan digital games to a friend.

  • Can’t reinstall games if developer takes it off the servers even after you buy the game.

  • If your online account get’s suspended / banned you often won’t be able to reinstall games.

Physical game pro’s

  • Game can be installed / uninstalled as needed (as long as the disk works.)

  • Can sell. trade or lend game to a friend.

  • Often times physical games are cheaper then digital games.

.Physical game cons:

  • If you have a lot of games it can take up storage / shelf space.

  • You have to get up and change disks when you want to play another game.

  • Have to worry about disk scratching.

I have a good mixture of both physical and digital games but I gotta say my favorite thing about digital games is being able to easily switch between games.

For me I really don’t sell my physical games. The last time I did is when I sold my PS2 console I sold it along with the games

I’m not sure about the new XBox but with the PS5 Sony said PS4 physical games will be compatible with the PS5 and I think most digital games will be transferable to the PS5 since the games are tied to your PSN account and not the actual PS4 console.

So do you have a preference between Physical & Digital games and why?



I definitely prefer digital games because I prefer playing alone with digital characters! Way less drama than real people.

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I’ve been playing Ghost of Tsushima and I really enjoy it. It does feel a bit like an Assassin’s Creed game set in Japan, but I like the story so far and it’s absolutely beautiful.

I prefer digital unless it’s an IP I really love. It was nice to just load up The Last of Us 2 and Ghost and play it right away upon release instead of waiting on a delivery that might be days or weeks out.