The truth about rankings

I am always hearing people saying that, since chips can be bought, no one pays attention to the rankings. While I do believe this to be true, at least in most cases, I would like to delve a bit deeper into the discussion. I’m hoping to get some honest feedback so I can get a better grasp of what you folks really think.

Yeah…if someone has say 100k-to say a couple of mil, hard to get too worried about this player. But, when you run into players who have a 3 digit ranking, you have to believe that, in most cases anyway, you would show a bit more caution. And conversely, if your opponent has 0 chips in the bank…that all-in might be less worrisome. So, at least it seems to me that there is some merit to at least considering ranking when deciding how to play against an opponent.

So…what do you think?