The tournament lobby should show median (as opposed to average) stack

This would be more useful.

Average stack is the norm, showing the median would be of no use,…?

I’d rather see where I stand in relation to the field than some number that may be skewed by temporarily large or small stacks.

What use does average stack serve?

Its standard information in poker tournaments!?!

It tells you where you are in relation to the field and also should be a factor in determining how you play, i.e. what size is your stack compared to the average - as a percentage or whatever.

If is a high percentage stack, then you are aggressive, if it’s a low percentage, you are tight, or in a “push or fold” situation - there are loads of variables.

It’s actually not really any use to see your position relative to the field in the early to middle stages. Even in late stages, your stack size compared to the average is more useful info,