The Totally Topic-less Anything Except Complaining Thread

I don’t think dogs or cats understand the concept of “right back.”

When I go out to get the mail, I’m gone all of 30 seconds. When i come back in, the dog acts like he hasn’t seen me in weeks.

If I tell the cat I’m back, he says, “I missed you, were you gone long?” At least that’s what i think he says, I’m not that fluent in cat.


Just to let you know that your cat is simply showing platitudes and doesn’t really care, just keeping you on side for strokes, food and the occasional hilarity of watching you clean out the litter tray…that human look of disdain just makes us purr inside for some reason?..probably something to do with animal hierarchy and soft paw power dominance.


Yup, hahahahaha :joy:


The old packaging for Land O Lakes butter used to feature a beautiful Native American woman…


Some marketing genius must have thought this was a terrible injustice, so they changed it…


The way they corrected this horrible injustice was by kicking the Native American woman off the land.

I mean really, you can’t make this stuff up. SMH


I’m not sure who the “experts” are but well yuck!!! This stuff is turning up in everything chips, protein bars and even flour. Some say its a way to feed the world and others worry about using this level of chitin on a population that doesn’t have the enzymes to digest it.
"Cricket flour is not GRAS certified by the FDA. However, the agency has made no ruling against it and it is still legal for commercial sale. According to the FDA, “a substance is excepted from regulation as a food additive if the substance is generally recognized to be safe (GRAS), among qualified experts.”


The Indigenous people asked them to.

“Thank you to Land O’Lakes for making this important and needed change,” Minnesota Lt. Governor and White Earth Band of Ojibwe member Peggy Flanagan tweeted last week.

“Native people are not mascots or logos. We are very much still here.”

Painted by Brown & Bigelow illustrator Arthur C. Hanson, Mia first appeared on labels in 1928, kneeling in stereotypical garb and clutching a Land O’Lakes container.

The image and its “butter maiden” moniker have long drawn criticism, with detractors describing the branding as a racist objectification of indigenous people.

Her name was Mia…


It was an obvious attempt to grab woke cred, and just in time for her re-election bid.

The word “Sioux” is a shortened version of an Ojibwe word best translated as “treacherous snake.” Is she working to correct that too? Of course not. I guess it’s OK to use a derogatory word to describe the Peoples of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota Nations, but kicking Mia off your butter is way more important.

I despise this kind of political grandstanding. I hope the people of her state send her packing, and I hope people cancel Land O Lakes.


I’m kind of thinking all products/teams/whatevers that have logos/mascots/whatevers should replace any logo they have the depicts a human with either:

  1. A stick figure. And not a good one - one that’s drawn all crooked like by a kindergartner.

  2. SPG’s avatar. Any iteration. Though honestly, the current one would be stunning on the Land O Lakes box!)


This gets my vote, Elvoid! But–eventually he’ll accuse us of stereotyping him, so get ready. :wink:


I’d buy it.



But this one also has merit. Perhaps as nightmare fuel, but merit nonetheless.


This is my personal favorite butter and no one seems to be politicizing the poor cow :cow2:.


Just wait until this cow finds her words!


Oh please no !!:wink:


Sorry guys, but nothing about this is funny to me. Removing Mia just makes it easier to forget the plight of this country’s indigenous peoples. I guess living in a mansion makes you want to forget.

Let’s look at some statistics from just one reservation… Pine Ridge, home of the Oglala Lakota.

Average life expectancy for men is just 47 years.

Of the 3,143 counties in the United States, Oglala Lakota County is the poorest.

The unemployment rate there is 89%.

The school drop-out rate is 70%.

Tuberculosis: 800% higher than America as a whole.

Infant mortality: 300% higher than America as a whole.

85% of Lakota families are affected by alcoholism.

50% of adults over the age of 40 have diabetes.

The leading cause of death is suicide.

I would suggest we prioritize ending the genocide of our First Nations instead of making pointless political statements that only serve to make us forget these people exist at all. Out of sight, out of mind… it’s pathetic that we allow this to continue.


Hi all just to let you know Stanley was put to sleep at 10.22am this morning.
I would like to thank you all for your kind comments ( although none of what you said actually registered 1st time of reading) A big TY to Sassee-Lassee (your 100% right what you said) for reminding me of a few factors.
Iwoulld like to say to all out there especially pet owners this being the 1st time


have had a pet put to sleep when it finally happens your pet soils itself according to my vet all animals do just so you all know if you ever have to god forbid the emotions / feelings I would not like to ever experience nor wish any one else too especially when you see the vet approach with the instrument of death lol well for now thats me again many thanks to all TY


Amen to that.


We can prioritize ending the genocide of our First Nations and at the same time listen to the voices within that community that have suggested they also don’t want to be mascots.


Tony it is one of the hardest things you will do and only time will heal you but i hope you listen to what i said and think about it in time. Right now just remember the good times you had and down the road there will be another special one waiting and i hope you can open your heart to another. Right now take time for yourself. I’m glad i was of some comfort for you. I am here if need be. Your friend Sass, hugs.