The Top Two move in poker answered!

The top two moves or play people undervalue or don’t understand are the fold and the check. As a matter of fact if you examine all the major mistakes a player makes it is because they called when they should have folded and they bet when they should have checked.

In cash game check is more powerful than the fold but they are very close.
In tournament the fold is definitely the most powerful, followed by the check!

Good Luck to everyone, I hope this helps!

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In Tournament Play I especially agree with Your statement. Bye Bye ILoveCat.

Agreed, because more often than not folding will be EV+ve vs limping. If you have your preferences set to 4 colors as I do, then a suited hand like KT of hearts looks full of promise preflop, then when the flop comes something like 775 with no hearts, it looks kind of pathetic, but hope springs eternal and you call a small bet on the flop to see another card, and you are throwing good money after bad.

The other good thing about folding a lot preflop in tournaments is that it allows other players to make more mistakes and allows you to observe the mistakes they are making, and it allows other players to eliminate each other. The player who doubles up or triples up with an atrocious, but lucky move when you are folded is your friend as he will now be emboldened and willing to commit too many chips with marginal hands, so he serves as a kind of self-serve chip repository where you can fill up.

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I agree, but I think you left us with the answer, but not the insight to understand it. I guess that’s for the better players to know. But it’s a clue that beginners should take to heart.

I believe the Player has left the Replay Community.

Well, then, how come you keep raising me…