The Thanksgiving Gobble Games 2019

How are the $100K in added chips awarded? To what finish places? It doesn’t say on the prize distribution in the lobby.

Thanks in advance.

The winning distribution can not be determined until after the game actually starts.
(Determined by how many entries)

For example:

Todays 2:30 PM game paid:

30th place - (750 chips) - NO TICKET
15th place - (1,520 chips) + 1 Ticket
1st place - (21,750 chips) + 2 Tickets

My take, you ask?

For the amount of time and the competition involved…
Not worth the chips.
The ticket is what everyone is after.

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All that matters is tickets, who cares about chips. Too bad tickets are Capp’d @ top 27, no matter how many ppl enter. I mean last year there weren’t enough ppl with tickets to even fill all 4 grand finals for what got paid out. We need more than 4 per day, and if 300 ppl enter, # of places paying tickets should increase based on # entries.

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Agree on this ,1200 places paid but only 648 tickets max.So 552 x 5K prizes will not be payed out.But probably more.

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I agree, I agree, I agree…lol

I would think if 1200 places, over 4 Finals, are paid out … that you’d want to give out @least 2400 tickets, not 648… there is no Grand Grand Final, This promo is kinda a giveaway to anyone getting tickets, so the more the merrier… Give away the most tickets to the most ppl possible, and don’t let ppl win more than 4/5 tickets, don’t even let them enter anymore… since Xtra tickets cannot be used for rebuys or addons. :wink:

I got 4 and I won’t play in the remaining 2 games.

Since there are only four final games, players who already have four tickets should not be allowed to continue to register in the qualifying satellites. This borders on unsportsmanlike, since any tickets beyond four is superfluous. If people aren’t going to conduct themselves in a sporting way, I hope the site considers adding restrictions that force them to do so.

i just played this turny and out of 2.8m only 1,345,000 was paid out so as far as i am concerned anther bull sh–t turny

Should read as Possible 2.8 million payout. Be sweet if they come through with the Payout promised.