The sit 'n go situation

So this is what that VIP money pays for, a barely operating site.

I’ve noticed they closed comments on the news thread…

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What IS the situation? Can you elaborate?

Sit and go went down, gone completely, under “site maintenence”

Well that is unfortunate, but stuff does happen and sometimes things need repair. Maybe you could shoot the Replay staff an e-mail and ask them how long SnGs are likely to be down.


Hi @Joestar420com ,

Sometimes, don’t we all fall, get back up, learn and make things better than before. We all, hopefully try to improve the site with contributing information. I see you obviously have see the official statements of Replay, therefor confused about the question.

Considering they’ve already lied to me about the players online (it’s a glitch, because multiple tabs open; protip; it wasn’t that) so I don’t take their “official statements” as factual unless shown otherwise.

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Looks like SnGs are back up and running. Good luck Joestar420com, and thank you for sharing your concerns, everything helps.