The second best player on here!

Well, I will make an offer. If you are a pretty girl, we can become close and I will help you with your poker game! So if any pretty girl interested? just respond:) I am single guy!

Two hearts are better than one.

are u pretty?

I’m actually a hot chick, but I don’t really need any help and I only date real millionaires. Unless I’m real drunk. When I’m very drunk, I sometimes lower my standards quite a bit. Too much, really. Way too much.


I am handsome and I am male! Very smart!

try billionaire!

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You still didn’t answer my questions.

I’m not a real woman and you aren’t a real billionaire!

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well, i’m actually a pretty girl as well, just like sun.
heres a picture of the real me:

i bet you love to go on a date with me now

haha, its always nice playing you at the tables!

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haha thx, same 2u :grin:

I am laughing so hard, well if thats how you really look, no problem, I have whats called a youth potion, after you drink it, you will be my 18 year old slave girl! MUAHAHA

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Can I have some of that potion please? :blush:

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Ilovecat: Sure thing, here catch(YOUTH POTION!).
Maya: Much Obliged!


haha, sounds good. i shall take the whip with me :rofl::joy:

In all honesty I don’t understand why you need a youth potion. 38 is not old at all. STILL YOUNG AND SEXY…

Any how, man say they all want 18 year old, but the reality is man will go for any women that loves them for who they are!

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hi valuefish, I am sorry for taking so long to answer you question, I just want you to know I am not a mean or spiteful person, despite the appearances. Any how, please do send me a private message regarding your question and it can only be something regarding poker! THANK YOU!

I dunno, 38 seems pretty old to me.

Careful! You are talking about the future Mrs Ilovecat! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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no, its not. I have seen plenty of good looking 38 old women. Old would be something like 60. By the way a women is much better at taking care of her body and a women who is rated 6 out of 10 can make herself 9 out of 10 simply with make up and self care. Unfortunately for us males, the only thing that really matters is how fat our wallet is! HAHA