The Replay Poker Online Series III

Sixteen events, eight days, one heck of a lot of fun poker, and another Replay Online Poker Series is in the bag! We have new legends among us, and we want to hear from you.

But first, an epic congratulations to every new legendary player! Marklou takes home the highest honors, but LOKENDRA gave everyone a run for second, narrowly edging out XVC in third! Nice play, everyonme!

Let’s get down to it: How did we do?

We’d love to know what you thought of the event, how it succeeded, how it failed, and most importantly: how can we make it better next time?

Of course, it’s not just about the poker – it’s about the people too! Does anyone have favorite highlights? What was your best play?


You run a first rate poker site. It went well. We all appreciate your work and
concerns about our issues or questions. Would like to see holiday tourneys
and events as we enter the fall season…Tomkat287


I love this website first class e-z to get around most of the people are nice very few jerks

its good antil u hit a table where the people or fighting or drunk ill when 15 k tik as sone as I put it out I don’t win a hand that’s poker owell that’s y I quit playing 4 abit I just started again hear recently my game will turn off an then come back on I loose alout of money like that that’s how it goes

maybe one of the best online sites for this type of game. as a player i think the game has been very unfair although i have won a few here and there most of my hands has been beaten almost every time when it seems like i should have won. all part of the game i guess

I have played on many sites but none of them come close to replay. By far the best in every way thank you for being here.

great site overall.I do get shuffled around alot during tournaments, it is difficult to maintain my concentration when i get shuffled around and end up sitting out hands because of no small blind the goobs who enter a tournament and check “away and fold for most of the tournament”.that really pisses me the cowards out of town! fair poker and good people make up for just about anything.which is what i get at replay poker! is this good for any chips?please.

Played in several long tournaments over the past couple of years and enjoyed them all. They have been run very smoothly and the results have been posted faster and faster each time. I,m very satisfied with the site and think you are doing a great job. My only comment is keep it up. Thanks.

Never played.the site said i was not a member so i never played what is a member???

I really like this site. I enjoy playing/interacting with people from all over the world.
You get all praise & no criticism from me. Doing a great job in tourneys and ring games.
Thank you for your hard work.

Any new promotion adds interest and breaks the normalcy…keep it fun and interesting…sure fire way to win over customers and keep the game from getting stale… :sunglasses:

the site is great, the players & staff, I have just one concern an that is about the RANKING, the way that I understand it is that the ranking is base on the monies you have not on the players skill, maybe you can improve that matter.


Too many pairs come up on the flop, and I find impossible to win a game, This is the only place I have this problem.

Having a good time/ No complaints. Just wish there were cash games.

I think the site is great. I like and enjoy the people who win and are at most of the final tables. After a while they become very recognizable. The other folk are funny trying to teach people how to play the way they want them to or how they learned. No one size fits all, but replay poker is a good as it gets. Keep up the good wok.


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I think all of the tournaments and special promotions are extremely well ran. I enjoy this site very much.

Too many chips to enter, like cheaper tourneys. lots of fun

I too have found a lot of the games I would get into. You shut me off, sometimes right in the middle of a hand for a second. In that second I have lost the hand and they are already playing another hand. How does that happen in one second? I have lost my initial buy-in because it would keep doing that and I just gave up the whole game. It happens way too many times.

Well I am new here and I joined after this poker series thing had already finished but i have been exploring your site and playing in some tournaments and find it very fun. Most people are very nice and some really good players here. Overall I think I like it here but I do have a suggestion for your BIG EVENT tounaments : If these players go through a long tounament like you just ran , I think the top players should get a little more recognition in the form of like a trophey to go on their page showing their acomplishment in the event. They earned it and well it may make more people want to try and win one of their own for their own page. Just an idea but a good one, but I know if I won one I would want everyone to know about it and stand out for my accomplishment. Face it , everyone wants to win and everyone wants to be a winner. I dont think anyone is here to be a loser. Keep doing what your doing to make it always better.

Doing ok, one problem I have is when in the middle of a game it shuts me off, then I have to get back on. Wish you had more HU games. DinkyDau1