The pains of playing poker online

I’m halfway through a tournament in a league I’m relatively new to so trying to make an impression. Doing ok…keeping up fairly nicely when I get KJ hole cards. Flop is 9TQ…woot! flopped me a nice K high straight. One of the members of the other team raises 700. I’m thinking I’m about to take her out and gain a significant lead in the process. Click “raise” and…Computer locked up hard. Had to hard boot. By the time I got back into the game had lost over half my chips.

I was thinking a nice new desktop with dual monitors. I started thinking about that while rebooting.

Ouch !!! Sounds like a good plan :+1:t2: Go ahead and treat yourself.

Last couple of days, been also getting disconnected, locked-up, or booted from tables…usually under “similar” situations…having “NUTS” and being prevented from playing.