The opposite of "add as a friend"

This is a free poker site and a free society so you can’t stop it.You have to adjust!
Put your big boy pants on and JUST DO IT!


It makes me feel like I’m playing with someone in grade school!

They often play like grade schoolers, so you have to adjust. You wouldn’t talk to a grade school kid of yours the same way you would talk to a much older child of yours, would you?

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Well, I kinda do that by adding a “No PLAY” note! You’d be surprized how many nasty players there are here!

You mean the nasty bingo players every hand

Well said. And @PeterPan4711 , learn how to beat them at their own game, while teaching lessons helping them and rewarding yourself

@PeterPan4711 Quote: “I cannot remember them all.” (Bingo players, unwanted)

Then take notes!

MinnowShark QUOTE: “When I’m at a table and someone plays Bingo, I make a note of them”

diraf QUOTE: “The NOTES tab is your friend.”

Try to take meaningful and worthwhile notes! Some of my notes are useless (entertaining) and others very insightful (strategic). Notes is a simple tool RP gives you, so with a little effort you can negate poor memory and take game selection

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Ever time I play all in for hours I run out of chips and I have to buy more. RP should give me more free chips!

I think the math doesn’t add up.

If you got to a 1/2 table, bingo for 100 every hand, and get 60 back on average, playing 1 hand per minute, you’re only losing 2400 an hour. You can easily make that back and more by playing freeroll MTTs. (Or just replenishing chips when you bust.)

If you’re more selective with your bingos, you can easily get back 80+% ROI (I suspect that you can get >100% ROI if you play super tight because people overcall at micro stakes, but that’s boring. Nobody wants to fold a dozen hands in a row and bingo once.)

So in conclusion, I claim that RP is generous enough with chips that you can bingo a bunch and not have to buy more.

What does it mean when commenters are calling it “bingo?” Thanks for the information…just trying to learn. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I believe it basically means just going all in with any two.


I do believe that the higher stakes that you play, the less of the ridiculous play there is.


Bingo - All in gambling, relying 100% on luck and showing 0% skill or respect. Basically the Noob way to play, if you will.


it’s beyond frustrating when this happens. I play to relax but those who join a table & than start with the all-in preflops on the omaha hi/lo tables force me to either stress out, sit out or leave. My choice. I’ve been leaving mostly. This is all the time now. I could care less what a player does after the flop, but let me see a flop! Playing PL doesn’t work as if you have 2 of them they just keep raising preflop. There is no solution as RP makes their living off of these players as they tend to buy their chips…and often. So, if not for the bingo’s we wouldn’t have a free game to play. It’s a no-win situation we just have to put up with.


Yes , unfortunately most of my friends I like to play poker with are at low stakes so I just play league games when I can right now.


I usually put a comment in that players Notes section. That way when they drop into a table I can see I’ve noted something before, look at it, I typically put something like “all in idiot” to alert myself. Then if there’s others chatting at the table, I’ll comment to give a heads up. I’ve had that happen where about 3 of us leave that table and join another, but it is frustrating as it breaks up the flow of things.

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Thanks @BigDMoney22 for the question and welcome to the forum. If you have ever played bingo it is 100% luck, Playing Poker involves the skill to play the hands dealt the best as you can.

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In my experience - and im not an expert but have been called a “bingo” player a lot - it’s anything and everything the opposition player/s don’t like. BINGO in my experience can be any of the following - but is not limited to:

  • Raise pre flop
  • Raise to big pre flop
  • Raise to frequently pre flop

To be safe do the following to avoid getting called a bingo player:

  • Limp any and every hand
  • If u dont want to limp pre flop then min raise bc this is less egregious
  • Min bet/raise for value ONLY.
  • Never go ALL IN unless its the only option.

If you see players breaking the non bingo rules then feel free to give them a Helping Hand Endorsement to help reinforce these unspoken rules everyone should already know and abide by!

“ Bingo Player “ to me means going all in pre flop more than 50% of the hands.