The number of awards in my profile doesn't match the toplist

hi. on my profile page i can see i have 26 awards…but in toplist awards i have 59 awards? how is that possible. i dont even think there are 59 awards 2 get.

I see thet b4. I think some awards go higher, even its not shown on award page. confusing, thets sure.

be nice to have a list of all the awards that are available so ppl can make it their goal to earn the unseen awards

Yeah that sure is confusing, even to me! As I recall, it’s like Marcipan says some awards you can get multiple times, but it’s still hard to grasp how you could end up with double. I think rather than try and fix this, we’ll wait until the new site goes live, as the awards system is being replaced by a brand new ones, with a lot more different types of awards. I think it’ll be a lot more interesting, than what we have currently.

How many friends you have referred Williaaaam? You get awards for that. I know Denniz did that:))

Secret awards???

Like me you were probably wondering how we calculate the toplist for awards. Why do some people have 66 awards when there only seems to be 27 available. Well I asked the tech guys to look into it and this is what they found out:

"Apparently the idea is to make someone that has two level 1 awards lower on top list than someone with a level 1 award and a level 2 award.

We have 7 awards, 6 of them go from level 1 to 4, with the exception being the stake award, which goes from 1 to 3.

We calculate the top list by giving: level 1 awards = 1 point level 2 awards = 2 points level 3 awards = 3 points level 4 awards = 4 points

So the maximum possible points on the awards toplist is (1x7) + (2x7) + (3x7) + (4x6) = 66"

It’s confusing because we don’t write Points on the top list, we say ‘Awards’ but don’t explain how we calculate the awards.

Mystery solved!