The NFL Thread

I would be very happy if i was you. Your team can get a great draft pick and franchise QB next year.

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Detroit did that draft pick thing for decades and us (few) Lions fans though “Next Year” :rofl:

Soon my Steelers will play the Browns, i expect another ugly game, but if we win i will celebrate like it was a 30 point blow out.:).

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Purr? Purr?? Purr??? Roar :lion: 31 > 26 :bear:


BEARS’r finished this Year!

My Steelers FINALLY fired our OC (Canada ) and we looked decent in our 16-10 win over Cin.

Go Ravens; nice win last night. :100:

Hopefully, we will see you last game of the year to decide the division:)

Off to the Steelers game:)…Wife going to maybe use a couple of my tickets for BIG contest today, please be nice to her and maybe, let her win something lol:).

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After watching the Niners destroy the Eagles in Philly, I really don’t see how they can be stopped.
Their offense is almost unbelievably good, but what I think was a huge key to the game was the Niner defense holding Philly to just 6 points in the 1st after two good drives by Philly while SF was going backwards on offense.
What an amazing very last pick in last years draft with Brock Purdy, arguably the best QB in the league right now.

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I picked 49ers to win it all in AUG. (and a small bet)…The football Gods do not like me lol-went to the Steelers game, we STUNK and 2 delays over 2 hours:(.