The NFL Thread

Chase Winovich, a former Patriots outside linebacker who most recently played for the Dolphins, has announced his retirement.

“The time has come for me to serve the universe in other ways,” the 28-year-old Winovich wrote on social media. “I consider myself beyond blessed and deeply grateful to have had the opportunity to play the game I love in front of so many and on some of the world’s biggest stages. To quote my friend Matthew Slater ‘We all owe football something’ and that I certainly do.”

Thursday Night Football :football:

The Dolphins have an incredible team this year, the Patriots do not…


Monday night Football Tonight :+1:t2::football::us:

My Steelers just had ANOTHER ugly win, but a win is a win, and we will take it:)

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The word on the streets this morning is if the Patriots lose Bill Belichick is going to the Washington Commanders as Head coach so he can still chase Don Shulas record for most wins ever then move him to the front office to give the Commanders Credibility as the chase support for a new stadium.

Let’s see if my contacts got this right so stay tuned and remember you. “ heard it here first “

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It’s football Sunday :football: Good luck to your favorite teams.

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The Patriots lost another close game to the Commanders. I don’t know what can be done now the fix the Patriots problems. Rebuild everything I would say. 2-7 at this point is not good except for higher draft pick.

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This is the only other game I watched today. Philly is red hot :hot_face: this year :+1:t2::football:

Last year also, Remember they’re the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. :bear: :football:

Early morning Football! Hopefully the Patriots can get a win!

Patriots once again lose and fall to 2 - 8 on the season. Very disappointing season for the Patriots.

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:lion: Whew :+1:

Another close, ugly win by my Steelers, we will take it:)

I would be very happy if i was you. Your team can get a great draft pick and franchise QB next year.

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