The NFL Thread

Monday night Football

Good close game :+1:t2:

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Another close game yesterday :+1:t2:

An ugly win: :slight_smile: BUT a win is a win and we needed it…

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Yes indeed. Glad to see it :+1:t2::football:

Thursday Night Football :+1:t2::football:

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Congrats to the 49ers. 3-0 to start the season :+1:t2::football:

The Dolphins absolutely crushed the Broncos

Finally, the Patriots score a much needed win after an 0-2 start.

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The Dolphins crushed the Broncos

Well fought game giving the Steelers the much needed win.

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We out played them badly, the refs almost blew it for us as we did NOT rough the passer, good hit:).

Another crushing game as Taylor Swift cheered on the Kansas City Chiefs and her new boyfriend Travis Kelce who scored a touchdown.

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Roarrrr :lion:
9 24

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2 more great games on Monday Night Football last night :+1:t2::football::us:


Thursday night Football tonight. Going to be a Great Game :+1:t2::football::us:

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What a game ! What a game :+1:t2::football::us:


It’s FOOTBALL Sunday :+1:t2::football::us::beers:

What a day so far. :+1:t2::football::us: