The NFL Thread

What a great game :+1:t2:. I bet Miami, oh well. Congrats to the Bills.

Another great game !

And yet another great game !!

Huge game tonight. Monday night Football :football:

5 out of 6 great games ain’t bad :slightly_smiling_face: gg :star:

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Not the outcome I was hoping for.

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Big Football Day :+1:t2::sunglasses::football:

The Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl !

Eagles to the Super Bowl !! :football:

The GOAT :football:


I’m hoping Brady signs a 1 day contract to officially retire as a Patriot.

:joy: that will make 3 retirements.

It goes without saying that he is a very talented young man. I wonder if some of these younger guys (Mahomes, Burrow, etc.) will be able to match, or surpass in the coming years.

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If they stay healthy. I hope they do. Records were made to be broken. Congrats to Tom :+1:t2::football:

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Do it !!!

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