The NFL Thread


So pumped for some great football today! Indeed - Go Pats and Saints! :football:

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Rams are going to the Super Bowl!!! Wow!!!


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What a fantastic couple of games! Both go to overtime! Rams vs. Pats Super Bowl! Should be great! :blue_heart::+1::football::beers::slight_smile:

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The AFC Championship game was epic!!! Both games were great!!! Rams vs Patriots in Super Bowl 53!!!


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Cheifs QB Patrick Mahomes has won the NFL MVP Award for this season.


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NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2019!

Champ Bailey
Tony Gonzalez
Ty Law
Kevin Mawae
Ed Reed
Pat Bowlen
Gil Brandt
Johnny Robinson

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Excited for Super Bowl Sunday! Everyone stocked up on wings, snacks, and beer? :football::trophy::poultry_leg::pretzel::beer::beers:

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Super Bowl checklist:

Chicken Wings :white_check_mark:
Nachos :white_check_mark:
Beer :white_check_mark:
Champagne :white_check_mark: (Hopefully to celebrate a Patriots win)
Cheese , Crackers and Pepperoni :white_check_mark:
Chips and Dip :white_check_mark:

Should be a great game!!! Enjoy the game everyone!!!


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gee I dunno Craig…I suppose it’s possible :grin:

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I like that you have Champagne on your list!

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The great thing about Champagne is that it helps cool the sting after a loss as well.
Go Rams! (Not a Patriot/Brady hater, just a miserable Rams fan since the late 50s)

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The Patriots won their first Super Bowl in 2002 against the Rams when I was just a little kid. Now in 2019 I’m 22 years old and the Patriots have won their sixth Super Bowl!!! It never gets old!!! Never take these Super Bowl wins for granted because you never know what will happen in the future but tonight the Patriots are six time Super Bowl Champions!!!


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Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski has announced his retirement from the NFL.