The NFL Thread


Week 1 so far so good! Patriots defeat the Texans 27 - 20 In a great game.

Looking forward to the Bears vs Packers game tonight.



Pretty good week 1 in the NFL.

Incredible that Aaron Rodgers came back and was able to win after being injured and the Packers were down 20 - 0 at halftime.

Good games overall around the league. I was surprised the Saints lost.

My only complaint is how is it possible games still can end in a tie??? The NFL should consider switching to College Football overtime rules completely so we have a clear winner.



Week 2 in the NFL! Chiefs vs Steelers should be a good game.

The Bengals defeated the Ravens 34 - 23 on Thursday night.



Week 4 in the NFL! Big divisional game today as the Miami Dolphins take on the New England Patriots.


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Miami is playing well, should be a good game. I like both of those teams but I gotta say a lot of the reason I still root for the Pats (unless they play the Rams) is 'cause I hate haters.
The Rams played Thursday so I get to watch whatever games are televised locally (after NASCAR). :wink:

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It’s been a while here. @Marc978 , or anyone else, any picks in mind for AFC/NFC Championships and then the SB? AFC - Pats and Chargers could be a viable option. I’m hoping for a Pats vs. Saints SB. If Pats were to make it to SB and play the Rams, I don’t think they would win. I think Rams D is too much of a challenge for them. Interested to hear some picks! :slight_smile: :football:

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Sorry I haven’t kept this thread updated. I’ve been busy lately.

There are a lot of interesting scenarios as we approach the final weeks of the regular season. I agree with you @lad44 I think it would be interesting to see a Saints vs Patriots Super Bowl but there are still a lot of things to play out these final weeks of the season.

The Patriots are in Miami this week and they haven’t been very successful in Miami the past few years so It’s Important for them to get a win this week.

One team I’m keeping an eye on in the AFC is Pittsburgh. Right now it seems as if there’s a 50/50 shot they’ll make the playoffs so I’ll be keeping a close eye on the results of their remaining games.

As far as the possible AFC Championship game goes I strongly think it will be the New England Patriots at the Kansas City Chiefs. Currently at the time of this post the Cheifs are 10 - 2 and Patrick Mahomes has been incredible this year. I think he can be the next Peyton Manning or Tom Brady if he continues to play consistently the next few seasons. Only time will tell.

The NFC seems kinda weak this year in my opinion from at least what I’ve seen. I don’t think the Eagles will make the playoffs. Currently they’re 6 - 6.

I see the New Orleans Saints and LA Rams in the NFC Championship game with the Saints winning. If the Patriots don’t make the Super Bowl I’d like to see a rematch of the Monday Night game between the Chiefs and the Rams! I think it would be an incredible Super Bowl if it is like the Monday Night game.


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No worries at all! I was just thinking about the upcoming games and decided to see what people here think.

Yes, the Pats can’t just take Miami lightly; they have had some trouble with them. They need the win to solidify a good position in the AFC. Pats going to KC is a very likely scenario, but I’m still not ruling out the Chargers. I might even have to go with them for my early pick against the Pats in the AFC Championship. That game last week against the Steelers was HUGE, and such a good game. New England has completely owned the Steelers, so that would likely be a better match-up, but I’m thinking we won’t see them in the AFC Championship. The Texans are also pretty hot right now. It will be interesting, no doubt, and there are some big games and a lot of football left to play. I do like Mahomes quite a bit; he is a talented QB. I hope he has a long, successful career. I wouldn’t say you’ll ever see him in the same conversation as Manning and Brady in the long term, though. Who knows? I could be wrong.

As for the NFC, it’s just a toss up between Rams and Saints, but I do agree with the Saints to prevail. I hope they do. It is my hope for the SB to see Saints vs. Pats; it would be such a fun game! That Chiefs vs. Rams MNF game was insane! Highest scoring MNF game of ALL TIME! Great game. I’m hoping for Chargers vs. Saints and the Saints to win if the Pats don’t make it! Interesting weeks ahead! :slight_smile: :football:


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It’s NFL Sunday!!! Should be an interesting day in the NFL and we will have a better lookout at the playoffs by the end of the day!



A very interesting final day of the regular season in the NFL! Here is some news from around the league:

Kanas City has secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs in the AFC and the Saints have home field advantage in the NFC.

The Patriots have secured a 1st round bye week.

The Rams also secured a 1st round bye week.

The Steelers have been eliminated from playoff contention unless tonight’s Sunday Night Football game between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans ends in a tie. If that were to somehow happen the Steelers would be the 6th seed in the playoff standings.

Wild Card Weekend games:

*Eagles at Bears
*Seahawks at Cowboys
*Chargers at Ravens
*Colts/Titans winner at Texans. *Unless as mentoined above the Sunday Night Football game ends in a tie. *

I’m looking forward to the Playoffs!!! Always an exciting time of year to be a Football fan!



Interesting Wild Card Weekend! Eagles upset Bears in a thrilling and close game 16-15. Game ended with the Bears missing a crucial Field Goal attempt which would have secured the win. Instead, the Eagles go on to play the #1 Saints a week from today in part of the NFC Divisional matchups.

Chargers defeated the Ravens 23-17 and will go on to play the Patriots one week from today in Foxborough in one of the AFC Divisional matchups.

Yesterday, Dallas defeated Seattle 24-22 in a close one. Dallas will play next Saturday against the tough Los Angeles Rams in the other of the NFC Divisional matchups.

Again yesterday, the Colts glided to a fairly easy win over the Texans and will play the #1 Kansas City Chiefs next Saturday in the other of the AFC Divisional matchups.

Game winners in each respective conference will play in their respective Conference Championships on Sunday, January 20th, and of course game winners of their respective Conference Championships, ie AFC Champions & NFC Champions, will meet in Atlanta on Sunday, February 03 for the NFL Championship, Super Bowl LIII.

My picks are:
NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints
AFC Championship: Patriots vs. Chiefs
Super Bowl: Patriots vs. Saints (Saints win Super Bowl)

What are your picks?

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It’s been a great Wild Card weekend!!! The best game this weekend in my opinion was the Bears and Eagles. Still cant believe Bears kicker Cody Parkey missed the game winning field goal at the end of the game.

My picks going forward are similar to yours @lad44. I think the Rams will beat the Cowboys and the Saints will beat the Eagles in the Divisional round and in the NFC Championship game I have the Saints beating the Rams in a close game.

In the AFC I think the Cheifs won’t have problems getting past the Colts and the Patriots should be able to defeat the Chargers in the Divisional round.

The AFC Championship game will be an interesting and close game if the Patriots indeed play the Chiefs. Ultimately I think the Patriots will defeat the Chiefs and go to the Super Bowl

The potential Super Bowl matchup between the Saints and Patriots will be a fun one to watch and I hope it happens. The Saints are a great team but the Patriots have more experience in the Super Bowl and I think they’ll win they’re 6th Super Bowl Championship.


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That is what I hope happens. I really would love to see the Pats and Saints; I really would be torn on who would win. I think it would be close. I’d like to see the Pats win against the Saints, and I think they could, but if that is the SB, I see the Pats leading and the Saints coming back to win, believe it or not. I hope I’m wrong if that is the SB, and of course I very well could be. I just hope that if the Pats make it to the SB that it will not be against the Rams, because I just don’t see them beating the Rams. So, Saints have to do that job for them! :slight_smile: Pats have a very tough road ahead of them. There is definitely some interesting football ahead!

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On another interesting note, I predicted a 24-21 Stars win over Seattle yesterday. So close! Ha ha. At the very end of the game I wasn’t surprised to see them go for the 2 point conversion…based off my guess I kind of saw it coming from a mile away! :wink:

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It’s Divisional Round weekend!

Today’s schedule:

The Indianapolis Colts at the Kanas City Cheifs at 4:35pm ET on NBC


The Dallas Cowboys at the Los Angeles Rams at 8:15pm ET on FOX

Should be a great start to a great weekend in the NFL Playoffs! I’ve got the Cheifs and Rams winning these games!


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So pumped for tomorrow’s games! Go Pats!

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Patriots vs Chiefs in the AFC Championship game next Sunday! Should be a great game!


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Definitely gonna be awesome! Same with the NFC Championship Saints vs. Rams!

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The early betting line for the Patriots vs Chiefs has the Chiefs favored by 3 points. Earlier this year the Patriots defeated the Chiefs in Foxborough 43 - 40. I think this will be a very highly contested game with the Patriots winning in the end. The Patriots have more playoff experience and I think with the rumors going around that TE Rob Gronkowski may retire at the end of the the Patriots season, the Patriots will want to get him another ring.

Do I think Gronkowski will retire? Not if Brady comes back (which I think he will) and they offer Gronkowski a fair contract. Gronkowski has said in the past he doesn’t want to play for any other QB then Tom Brady and Tom Brady has said he plans on playing next season.

Gronkowski made some great blocks against the Chargers which really helped in the running game!

I think the Saints vs Rams will be close as well but I still got the Saints winning in that game!!! I can’t wait for next weekend!!!


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It’s gameday!!! 6:40 can’t get here soon enough! Go Pats!!!


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