The new site is just Frustrating

The new site is so irritating and retarded… Its so frustrating its ridiculous…! the links are non responsive and the site itself stalls for centuries…!! sorry but who had the bright idea to kill the Old Replay site (that was great hands down) and downgrade to this stressful site that kills all desire to even come on here anymore… I was an almost all day player now when I think about the stress it causes me I find myself on other poker sites… what a shame, this was my favorite, the one that won the battle out of the other sites I would visit… Now its becoming the bench warmer on my list… Everything would be perfect if the option to stay on the old site was available for those of us who prefer the old suit… In the old site I never had any issue, none, it was fast everything served its purpose and I was happy… Now the links don’t respond and the “Loading” time is frustrating…

I agree 100%. I played about every day & now I can not even open a room. AlI get is a black screen. Bring back the old sit

Please give a little more time , will be better. Im sure.

Sorry LoveHighTops to hear that. We managed to replicate the reported issues today with the game either not loading 100% or loading but with only sounds, no graphics. The culprit seems to be slow connections. It’s not a problem with the new site, the problem is the configuration of the new server that runs the new site. The same problems would happen with the old site if it was running on the new server. We’re working to resolve this and should hopefully have a fix in place tomorrow. So I suggest you try again at the end of tomorrow or Weds, to make sure. It should be much better. We certainly would hate to lose you as a player, and while we’re not big enough to run two sites at the same time, we’re confident that over the next couple of months, the new site will get a whole let better still. Thanks for your patience and support.

LOL i was just surfing through the topics and came accross this post… I never came back till now… I will say the site turned out great, everything has fallen into place and i am on top of my game again hehehehee… thanks for being on top of yours…

A very happy Player ((smile))