The New BIGGEST EVER Pot On Replay!

Hey guys!

Recently had the misfortune of losing what is now the biggest ever pot on Replay by means of a bad beat. Can’t do anything but laugh! Here’s the hand!

To explain, I was winning big against gamergirI and (s)he was getting frustrated, raising huge and getting way too many hands all in. As a result, I decided to go for a humongous 800BB all in rather than a normal 3bet with QQ, knowing that the EV I would gain by getting it all in preflop was far more than I could generate after the flop out of position when we had more info on our hands. Don’t blame me for the absolute mess that is now the biggest ever hand on Replay- I’m absolutely confident the all in was the most profitable move with how gamergirI was playing.

gamergirI made the outrageous (but expected) QTs call, and unfortunately 16% preflop equity became 100% on the river with a completed flush. 1,626,235,232 chips were snatched from me just like that.

I feel it is now reasonable to proclaim myself the unluckiest player on Replay Poker. Out of over 500 million hands, this is the biggest ever bad beat. I’d say that’s an achievement of sorts!


Congrats, or something?


Darn, that was a big loss. You now have less chips than me, so it could be a while before you get into any billion chips pots again. Good thing it is not real money. If playing on RP teaches you anything, it is that any starting hand can be beaten by any hand. For example you have AA, but if any 4 cards in one suit fall on the 5 streets on the table, then you only have 2 suits covered. That is why two red aces are a bigger favorite against two red kings than against two black kings.

I am sure that in the long run you will come out ahead. But it might be a very long run.

“In the long run, we are all dead” [John Maynard Keynes]

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Yep, of course just part of the deal when you play with that much of your roll on one game. Wouldn’t play above my means like that with real money, but it’s fun to play at the highest stakes here. After all, there’s nothing to be gained from Replay Poker chips except from the enjoyment of playing with them.

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Just looked up “gamergirl” to see her chip total, and she only has 2,997 chips. What happened???


The ‘I’ is a capital i not an L

But, but but everybody on here tells me that you never limp and there are charts to show you’re winning percentage on QQ is higher than QT.
There is NO WAY that you lost since you followed all the rules to play poker!


I can feel flush coming so I call. Matty is the lucky one and I own him


Matty next time make sure you enter the Poker lounge and not the Bingo hall!

I’ve written to staff that,if you’re paying attention,you will see FLUSHES K&Q high will be "bad beat "(A&K) about 70% of the time. It’s maybe in the algorithm they’re using but it destroys a lot of potential tourney wins. I ACTUALLY threw in a King hi (because I’d been knocked out so many times)when a river bet raised after me. That just ain’t supposed to happen as much as it does.


That’s a nice attitude. Maybe a good measure of success is how much you’re enjoying yourself.

You also sound like you understood that you were playing outside of your bankroll, and that volatility makes that kind of result nearly inevitable when you can’t iterate enough times to see your EV play out normally. So while this probably doesn’t matter that much on a play site, for those that play real cash games, that’s a good lesson for some that might not understand bankroll management, that if you don’t want to go broke, you really want to play at stakes where your bankroll is maybe 20 times max buy in or more. You can perhaps get away with less if you are very disciplined about moving down in stakes the moment you cross pre-determined thresholds, but that can be hard to do in practice for most people, and I also find playing inside my bankroll, even on a play money site, helps me to be as aggressive as I think I should be when good opportunities for bluffs arrive.

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I can’t help but think of all the starving children you could have helped instead of gambling it all away like that. Oh wait…nevermind.


least productive comment:


That’s a flush for you. Just when you think you’ve won a head to head you begin to realize that the Villian has a flush. No worse feeling than that.

I would say that your all in bet with pocket queens is questionable for the same reason all ins with Aces or Kings are dangerous. Any over cards here would likely beat you and your best chance at winning is to spike another queen. With ace king against you that player has 6 cards in play were you have only 2 queens to draw to. Very gutsy bet though. Also, many regular hands are won on the river here with straights or flushes.

Wait a minute. You FELT a flush. Now that’s using real poker skill.

That is a bad beat for sure and like many on here I think the primary lesson is to not have too much money on the table. I knew a guy when I lived in Tunica, MS that put his entire bankroll on the table at the Omaha game, and ran it up considerably then tripled up and had a massive chip stack. Then he flopped quads on a JJ8 flop, got it all-in on the flop (against 88 and 9T straight flush draw) and lost everything, poof.

But I would like to focus on a different issue, that is your claim to unlucky, or running bad.

Poker players often say “I am so unlucky because on this one hand . . . .” That is not unlucky or running bad, running bad is the totality of hands, over long stretches.

I will not even give you the cliff-notes version of my TRUE lifetime of running bad at the (real money) tables because you would not believe me. The fact of the matter is if you told me half of what has happened to me happened to you I would not believe it so there is no way you could believe me.

just about every bad beat i can remember being a victim of, i’ve laid on someone else. When someone flops a flush draw, knows the odds, and decides to gamble, and wins, i don’t think of it as a bad beat. Calling 800BB with a suited Q, and beating QQ? That may be a bad beat I’ve never benefited from.

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I’m well aware that luck is a huge factor in the short run. Results over one hand or even ten thousand hands say very little about your level of skill. I don’t claim I run worse than other people overall or that I’m inherently unlucky or any nonsense like that. However, I did think this hand was pretty noteworthy and worth sharing seeing as it is the biggest ever pot on Replay!

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