The more herrendous the odds you give, the more likely they are to hit

Why do the absolute worst calls always suck out?

I have 69clubs. Hit my nut straight on the turn. 2x pot on the turn targeting a 6 or flush draws/straight draws from bad players. Mostly I just want to take it down immediately because replay is BS.

Get a call from a K high FD. I have blockers, it’s super negative EV for him to call to begin with, and he has virtually zero implied odds because he has nothing behind…

Of course he hits. These 2x pot bets they ALWAYS hit.

It happens. He had a really good flush draw with 9 outs with 30 undealt cards and had 30% chance to hit his hand. So I guess he felt it was worth it. If you truly wanted to take it down immediately you should’ve bet significantly larger, especially since you think Replay is BS and it’s free chips.

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You might want to check your math… it’s <20% without blockers, <16% with. 30/20/16, any which way it’s very negative call.

There were 9 outs with 30 cards left in the deck. That breaks down to 30% of all cards left, so almost a third of the cards left were possibly clubs. And while that’s a negative call in real poker, you have to figure a lot of the time people on Replay will go for it. You’re thinking on a much higher level than the vast majority of players on Replay are on.

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I… that’s not how this works… :rofl:

I’m not even going to entertain this absurdity I suggest you go read a poker odds 101 book.

Well, actually it did. :rofl: And thinking like you did on that hand is exactly why it does on Replay. You even state in your original post that they always hit. You’re trying to apply real poker thinking to a free site. Perhaps you should put down your poker odds book and remember that.

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