The lobby is very slow

There is some room for improvement on the lobby page. Some observations.

  1. Sometimes it can take upwards of a minute or longer to load completely.
  2. Sometimes the information is out of date by a few minutes. Sometimes tournies that have started show as still registering, or it shows ring games as having seats open when they don’t.
  3. The page seems to refresh on its own and while doing so any open tables grind to a halt for a few seconds.
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What do you suggest is the fix ?

I would need a deeper understanding of the Replay source code in order to make a meaningful suggestion. But I doubt they are willing to share it with me :slight_smile:

Is this similar to a problem which I occasionally encounter where it shows no games or only two or three available at that moment?

I’ve checked the games types option and it shows them xxx’d out. My remedy is to reload the page and then it is corrected with all the games available. This seems to have started after that major format change over a year ago.

Yes I’ve also noticed the list of games appears incomplete sometimes. The page appears to have stopped loading but there are only 2-3 games shown when I know there should be many more. A refresh usually fixes it.