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This is a link to the Poker Bank. It starts off with the basics but also covers lots of more advanced stuff too. Well worth a look for players of all levels.


Micro/nano stakes strategy - good analog for the ring games here. Both of these worth a read if you want to get an idea of the differences between “standard” poker and micro-stakes games. They are different.


There is a free pdf download for one of Annie Dukes’ poker books. Search “Annie Duke . Decide to play great poker”. Well worth a look for those wishing to improve. A good place to start your poker journey


One of my favorite Poker books! Great insight and really made me think about how I play and the decision I make at the tables.

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“The Theory of Poker By David Sklansky” is also available as a free download if you search it.
Hold’em Wisdom by Daniel Negreanu is also out there,%20Complete)%20(David%20Sklansky).pdf


Nice article on odds and outs and how to calculate them, with examples:

And the same topic, from an applied standpoint:

Might as well give the home link because they have a bunch of good strategy articles:

A few videos on basic poker - great for playing most games here, online micro-stakes and low stakes live:


More good poker tips for playing rings here (using 1/2NL live as the analog):


Doyle Brunson’s Super System is an old-timey classic…


Sun Tzu poker odds and probabilities, Basic and advanced strategies, Tournament strategies. Something for everyone…


This is a link to an odds calculator. It is easy to use yet has everything you need. You select game, number of players and enter your hand for a calculation of your equity against all possible hands. Got preflop hand ranking too.

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Covers everything from the very basics to more advanced stuff. Something for everyone. Start with the study guide and work your way up.

It is not that hard if u play enough. I can only recommend play a lot, I’ve started playing Facebook poker… And read a lot. There is always somthing new to learn. This is good article about basics of math behind poker. Poker strategy But my opinion is, that poker is much more about yours temper and patience than about strategy…

This is a SUPER book If you ONLY read & utilize the first 3 chapters, You will have a much better game

Hold-em Wisdom by Daniel Negreanu. Free pdf.

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Just ran across this guy on YouTube - easy to digest tips that should help many players here. Here is a link to beating loose games but his entire channel is similar:

FYI, at around 12:30 into the video, he addresses the topic of how/why strong preflop hands (AA, KK …) are so frequently beat in loose games.

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the top ten biggest pots in replay history:

1: preflop premiums
2: herocall gone wrong
3: powerplay for value
4: mighty boats
5: overpairs rule
6: too many outs
7: massive implied odds
8: (glitched hand, it won’t show)
9: bluff gone wrong
10: chop the nuts

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