The lag in SnGs is 1000 times worse than ring games

The lag in SnGs when its bad is 1000 times worse than ring games. I haven’t experienced any significantly bad lag in MTTs either but I dont play them much to compare.

The RP website and tables as a whole operate fairly smoothly over 80% of the time. For less than 20% of the time on RP the lag issues are beyond bearable.

  • SnG table lag
  • SnG Lobby Chat isn’t working properly
  • RP webpages loading/refreshing extremely slowly

Recently a few times whilst playing 2 SnG tables simultaneously the lag has been so bad that its been completely unplayable. The worst experience was a while ago when both tables for over 25 minutes experienced periods periods of lag for 30 seconds to over a minute where the table would just freeze & do nothing. Player were continuously sitting out, running the clock out. Eventually before it got to completely unplayable & frozen I asked others if they were experiencing lag. Four players responded yes very bad, one player said it was the worst they had ever seen.

When it got to the point of freezing on & off for over 25 mins I had to agree. This was the worst I had ever seen. I can happily play 2 ring games for hours simultaneously with minimal lag. Why are the SnGs so bad at times?

Often they run reasonably for decent periods of time.

I’ve never really used the SnG Lobby chat before but it seems to be very hit & miss miss miss. Players Chat just doesnt show up at all for long periods of time. CTRL-R seem to fix the problem temporarily.

Table Chat works 98% perfect. Why is the Lobby Chat so bad?

In the past month or more RP web pages can take 15-30 seconds or minutes to refresh on occasions. When working properly they load in a few seconds or more. My internet is working fine. I can open a new web browser & google search whatever in a few seconds & load new web pages in a few seconds.

The RP website and tables as a whole operate fairly smoothly over 80% of the time. For less than 20% of the time RP & lag issues are beyond bearable.

I’m considering using a different browser. A friend suggested… i cant remember. I’m using Chrome. This Laptop is an over 10 year old fossil that needs to be sacrificed in a volcano, but it does the job ok most of the time.

I’m considering using a different browser.

There’s no point. My Chrome and Microsoft Edge are fully up to date. The site presently crashes, in exactly the ways that you described, several times per day and, yesterday and today, every time I played it crashed. It’s nothing to do with your laptop. If all other websites work fine except this one, then logically the problem lies with the site and not your laptop. You could buy a top-of-the-range laptop, and Replay Poker would still be unable to carry out basic functions.

I can’t remember exactly when, but it was some time in August/September - the site worked continuously very well for several weeks and they seemed to have turned the corner, but at present (and I realize this sounds a little silly), I’m almost scared to play. When I get timed out continuously because the buttons don’t work, while all other players seem to be playing as normal, this makes me look like an annoying, slow, idiotic player who’s spoiling the game for others, and I don’t want to be seen that way.

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Yea I wouldn’t even call it crashing. When the site is good its pleasant to be on & play. When its bad it feels like diving in a big city, in peak hour traffic, with accidents happening on major roads everywhere. It just comes to a very slow crawl & is torture.

I just played two 9MAX SnGs simultaneously for 47mins that ran great. Also the site is currently loading any pages on RP in less than 2 seconds. I don’t expect it to run great on my CrapTop & slow Australian Internet all the time but I do wonder WHY does it run so absolutely ridiculously slow, some of the time?

As you said the performance of the site has changed significantly recently.

I personally don’t think its silly at all & basically feel the same way. I’m currently mostly only playing 9MAX 2.5K buy-ins and regularly getting 1st & 2nd. I could easily afford to play 20K or 50K with better players and was going to work my way up. The occasional issues were the tables just freeze and are unplayable for over 20 mins make me lose interests & incredibly frustrated whilst playing.

Sad because I was starting to have fun playing SnGs but I guess ill mostly stick to the ring tables that seem to work much better. Maybe Safari was the Internet Explorer my friend suggested. I’m willing to experiment in the hope of consistent improvement.