The Juicee War - Player(s) VS Player(s)

Seems like there is a demand for players wanting to battle other players, I think several people want to watch or play certain other players, Several styles of war games can be designed with lots of people suggesting games, matches, and want to keep score. All while watching and cheering for each other.


Peeweedogue and myself have started a battle, it started over a little trash talking on both our parts, and we both think we are better than the other, So we semi set up an outline (possible adjustments could be made) of at least a 5 tournament play off. Our first game was this morning at the game Texas Rally that had 71 players and a buy in of 2500. We both played well enough to beat 2/3 the field but neither finished in the money. We are keeping score by place knocked out in, Tallies will be the lowest score after 5 tourneys combined.

539395038 My 1st hand of tourney 1

Todays outcome 10-21-19 is Peeweedog 21 Juicee 19 Only 2 places apart Hmmmm? Might be a close match!

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@peeweedogue and @JuiceeLoot, why are you “battling” in MTTs, where it’s possible you wouldn’t even be at the same table, or SnGs, where you might be building or losing your stacks against other players at the table? Wouldn’t it be better to duke it out against each other? Let’s see a series of HU SnGs like the Poker Night in America KOTH promotion. Best of, say, 7 takes the bragging rights!


I am open to any style, game, table or ideas on this subject, But I do want to play at same table(s) before all is said & done!!

Juiceeee issued the challenge, peewee had the right to pick the format. MTTs was his choice.

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I’m totally fine with multi-table tourneys. Maybe we should play just 9 player sit-n-go tourneys, 1 table ??? For the last 2-3 years at least, I always play at 4 player ring games. Reason being is that I can play more hands in the same amount of time as a 9 player table. I don’t have patience for 9 player tables. This, and the fact that I play small stakes is why my bank account is very small. My original point got lost, and nobody wants to comment on what I said. But it’s all good. I personally don’t believe heads-up proves much at all, but we can throw 1 of them into the mix. Doesn’t bother me. Juicee can choose tomorrows tourney, assuming it’s apx. the same starting time as todays.

If 1/2 hour later starting time is good with you? Then I suggest “Never Been Better” 7am for me 10am for you! Let me know :relaxed:

ok, we are all starting to wonder if you two are great friends or maybe even a couple or married and doing this for a publicity stunt to get replay to kick off the 1st live stream with your games 1st ??? :slight_smile:


Um No, I don’t um know him! as you can tell we are um in different time zones!
But it would be cool if replay did stream us, just to see if there is a bigger demand for this!


They already had a show like that… The Newlywed Game.


Chuck Woolery: “Bachelor #1, would you go ‘all in’ on the first date?”


That works. One condition. No friends allowed. Im registered.

Good luck 2 U


meaning in the band stands watching & chatting, or entering the tourney? I can ask people not to chat, but I have no idea who plays that game & can’t control them. It will be my 1st time ever playing that game. I will ask people not to chat with us though.

I could care less about chatters. I’m just thinking, you have 300+ friends… I very rarely ever see my friends at the tables. We are trying to keep things as fair as possible. See you tomorrow.

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I think he’s worried about collusion/soft play.

Understood, I will PM everyone of them and ask them to not join! Sorry I couldn’t resist. I promise I have not and will not ask any of my friends to play, but I don’t have the power to stop them, I will however give you my word that If I see a friend at the table I will mute them from my chat>

Does this mean the bounty is no longer in effect?

Loloud you are such a (&^()&%(^&( and a (&^R$@#(&T^ maybe a )^&R#%*^&%^( and of corse a &(^&^$&. dork!


you’re not blocking any of the draws so that’s nice, and I guess you’re blocking A2 and A5 value hands… errrrrch, what am I talking about? Don’t bluff into 3 players with 5 high and no equity.


I know, it was the 1st hand & only 60 chips but I get your point.

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