The Juicee Savant (Truly Amazing People)

Savant syndrome is a condition in which someone with significant mental disabilities demonstrates certain abilities far in excess of average.

After watching SPG’s Beethoven Girl, What are you listening to now? She is a very impressive young lady. I wondered if she was a Savant.
But when I went to look for her, I remembered hearing of a young man (so I went off in a search for him instead of finding out the answer about her) This man took a 1/4 hour helicopter ride over London, Then he went into a room where in 5 days he drew a 7 square mile panoramic view of what he had seen in his short flight over the city. It is notably impressive to remember all the things he saw, and also amazing to be able to draw it. But what I find truly beyond belief is that he drew it to scale including boats that were in water, number of windows on each building including how many floors they have. And was judged by 3 professional’s, An Aerial photographer, an Architect, and a Structural engineer, All who live/work in the London area.

SO, I Dedicate This Post To All The Wonderfully Amazing Talented People On This Little Blue Marble We Call Home.


This is Tony DeBlois, A musical Savant, He can play almost 2 dozen instruments. He Graduated from Berkley College in music, and has the ability to hear music & be able to play it back almost perfectly. His favorite instrument is the Piano. He is Blind & Autistic and can sing in 9+ languages.

He does Piano Man from Billy Joel, playing 2 instruments

This Is Leslie Lempke, Born in Jan. 1952 and filmed in 1981 for TV program called “That’s Incredible”

There is an After school special Directed By Sharron Miller “The Woman Who Willed a Miracle” about Leslie Lemke’s story. I couldn’t find a link to

The Short version

Long version:
Warning: You might cry watching this. Especially around 13:50 mins. & 18:00 mins

Leslie has performed concerts in many countries, USA, Japan, Norway, and several others.
He is known to play for free at schools, nursing homes, prisons, and church’s.

In April 2011 he performed at Marian University – Fond du Lac, Wisconsin at age 59.
Today he is wheelchair bound, but still plays & sings at his home with his 24 hour caregivers. Age 66

A True Miracle