The Juicee Anatomy (Body of Work)

I Love to Share Info!!
I thought I would gather together all my “Players helping Players” post into one post, for easier use to new players and reference for seasoned Professionals.
If you haven’t read my posts, Know that I am proud of them, even though some are long winded, I feel that I have given a very detailed, thorough, clear & helpful understanding on each topic I’ve posted about.
Of course I love to see the little “:heart:” hearts appear, or the comment from someone at a table saying "I read your post about " But more so, I just like giving info to others that want it, I always have, all my life it’s rewarding to me on an internal level.
As I was reviewing some of my post I was disappointed to see that some were not getting the traction I predicted. One’s like “The Juicee Bubble” only 95 views, I really thought more people would like to learn about bubble play… And I was surprised by the action of ones like “The Juicee Defense” 1.4k :blush:
I feel I need to recap these posts, so that newer players can check them out, or novice to pro’s can reference & refresh themselves, on things that get moved to the back burner when we get complacent.

In chronological order here are my posts with easy links to read or review…
The Juicee Pot Odds
The Juicee Hand Odds
The Juicee Basics
The Juicee Position (Why It Matters)
The Juicee River (how to catch a fish)
The Juicee Defence against All-In pre-flop (AKA How to win the Lottery)
The Juicee Bubble (How to pop less often)
The Juicee Bluff (How to Lie to your Friends) 3 parts

Feedback and comments are always welcome.
And if you have a topic you want more info on, Please feel free to post what it is, or friend me and PM me.
If I ever land a job with Replay or something similar, this is the type of job I would want, SHARING INFO & RESEARCH !!


I am proud of you for writing all that!!! You are showing true dedication and love to this community and most be commemorated!

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