The Hijack MTT frozen

currently sitting dead

League game also frozen

You need to contact support. Click the little “globe” symbol in the upper right of your page and tell them what’s happening and what table # you are at. Good luck.

done already

American dream also frozen, could be site wide

It might not be you, I can’t open ANY game. I’ll try patience and go read my emails, LOL.

Trump obviously responsible. I guess he took a bad beat on the river and just pulled the plug.


entire site frozen

All the little globe does is show me notifications. No communications!!

yes it is support notified

use ?

This appears to be a site outage affecting multiple tournaments and tables. I have also messaged the support team.


think they banned my chat permanently hence poker gods are upset so they froze the site!!!

Now now jazzby

No sign of life as yet, only canned response from support.

I hate canned responses

American Sunset tournament is running, but very slowly.

I have been told by a Prep the site is up

just finished a sng and was very slow between hands but seemed to pick up during the hand

I can’t get to a table. It tries to load but won’t. I can go to the main lobby, but not a table.