The Guessing Game




Could it be follower?




Just an attempt, but it was not quite illogical LOL


In half an hour I will give a less cryptic clue with the same answer, if you wish


Please don’t! Maybe there are other people who’d like to try a guess.




No need, I have the answer :grin:

Is it Bookmark? :nerd_face:


Yes!, well done






A couple of friends and I were having a discussion about this thread and the type of quizzes others would be most interested in, so I’m wondering if we could get some help from everyone who enjoys this thread in letting us know:

What type of quizzes would you like to see more of?

Cryptic definitions like the last few ones?
Images from movies?
Beginning of songs?
Brain teasers and riddles?
Harder than usual? Easier? The same?
Etc etc…

Any feedback would be highly appreciated and we would definitely be creating more quizzes accordingly :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!!!


Thanks for all the quizzes Maya, I love them all, though I leave dragons and music intros to the ones with a better memory than mine!

A suggestion, I love to be challenged in all the different quizzes but in the crossword ones how about having two sets of clues for the same words, very cryptic to start then any not solved by a pre-determined time then the remaining clues get the easier clues?


One line from a movie to guess the movie… Yippee Ki Yay
One line from a song to guess the song… A shooting star on my way to mars


I love seeing all of them! I confess that I’m better at the pop culture trivia than the brilliant riddles you brainiacs are able to come up with, but I love trying to puzzle it out before I look and see what someone smarter already managed to guess. :wink:

I try to leave things for other players to guess rather than jumping in myself, but the songs are frequently irresistible if I do recognize it.


Personally, as you might have noticed, I prefer to create or to solve cryptic crosswords or brain teasers. :slight_smile:
But there is room for every kind of games here! I even look attentively at all the terrifying dragons showed by Maya, in spite of knowing I won’t ever guess who they are. LOL
I agree with Grapevine that cryptic crosswords should be first proposed in a “tougher” version.
That would give people in all parts of the world the opportunity to think about them. Only after some time one could give a couple of additional hints, or even a new, easier definition.

Maya, your rule is that a new quiz can only be proposed when the previous one has been solved.
Don’t you think we could change that rule, and maybe have two or three quizzes at once? So everybody could try to guess the one they prefer.

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Sure, no problem at all :slight_smile:
We can mix it up a little.

As much as I enjoy solving, and even coming up with some cryptic crosswords, it’s no secret that I’m much better at pop culture quizzes as @fizzymint said, and lines from movies or songs as @JuiceeLoot suggested or music intros etc… are easier for me to create.

So it could be fun to put more mixed quizzes out at the same time, cryptic and others, and leave them there until guessed. We can try and see how it goes.

Any more suggestions? :slight_smile:

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I’m very grateful to you for all the time and creativity you invest for our entertainment, @Maya, and I’m sure many feel the same.
It would be certainly nice if people cooperated at least with some suggestions, and (why not?) some words of appreciation. :slight_smile:


Thanks Miri, I appreciated it! And thank you back for all your contributions and quizzes as well; I know there’s a lot of work involved in creating them too.


this time i have some references to a certain anime, so try guessing which anime i’m referring to, have fun :slight_smile:.

1: huge creature smashes a 50 meters high wall
2: very powerful beings only eat human flesh, yet they look like us
3: you die in 40 seconds of a heart attack
4: we play a card game that’s based on a 5000 year old magical war
5: guy who sees ghosts gets the power to kill hollows
6: if you die in the game, you die in the real world
7: cellphones to predict the future result in a survival game
8: a quest to get a philosophers stone to get my brothers body back
9: hero kills anything in one hit
10: son of satan wants to take vengeance at his father