The Guessing Game


for 7 all I can think of is “ordinary” but it doesn’t really match the clues lol.


I know it was tough :slight_smile: But it seems you could master it. Well done! :clap:
All correct, but cursing.
On the contrary, no. 2 is what happens when somebody curses in the Forum!
Reproach and detector are clues for two homophones.
As for no. 7, add Vasarely’s art and a synonym for west, and you’ll have your competitor!


@WannabeCoder guessed number 2 already :slight_smile:


Yes, correct! Very well done! :slight_smile:


I give up on 5 & 7. Brain freeze LOL.


I can imagine it is difficult for you to guess no. 5, because you are not one of them (think of a synonym for martyrs)! LOL


Saints? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Yes! LOL

Tomorrow I’ll give the explanations for my clues.


Ahh, I think I got 7: opponent! Tough one!


Perfect! Bravo! :clap: :clap:

I know it was tough, but I thought Replay players would like for once a mental exercise of a different kind. :slight_smile:

Here the explanations:

  1. Forum = Roman square
  2. Censure (reproach) + sensor (detector); “from what one hears”: indicator for homophones
  3. Threads can mean costumes + motifs
  4. Figures = stats; “back and fort”: indicator for a palindrome
  5. Saints (martyrs) or stains (spots); “inebriated”: indicator for anagram
  6. Hater in washateria
  7. Op (art) + ponent (west) = opponent (competitor)
  8. Replay = anagram of pearly; repeat = replay; “broken”: indicator for anagram

Here are some more cryptic clues. They are related to the Forum, like the previous ones.

  1. Does this French label dictate the protocol? (9 letters).
  2. This dangerous lady can be found in many infamous gangs like Binguma, Yabberuza and Donkura! (4 letters)
  3. Gossip about Tempranillo? (9 letters)
  4. The Ministry Of Defence returned the bottles of Dom Perignon (3 letters).
  5. Some like to nail on the wall these participants (7 letters).
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2 sounds very familiar lol
3 grapevine
4 mod


Only time for a quick glance, but Maya will have something to say about your description of her ! (2)

Have another look later if not beaten to it!


So 2 is Maya after all? :joy::joy::joy:


5 posters


1 Etiquette ?


1 etiquette

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LOL we make a great team! :hugs:


Get off my computer Maya !!