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“My tribe is the Zuni tribe. We believe that we were connected to the extraterrestrials from the beginning of what we call the beginning of the fourth world,” retired environmental engineer Clifford Mahooty explains . “The extraterrestrials are the ones that are related to us, not only in where they came from, but we also are aware that they gave us a connection to the different systems, like the star systems, and they actually are our teachers.”

Other American Indian tribes with legends of extraterrestrials include the Hopi, the Cree, and the Lakota.

In his book Black Elk: The Sacred Ways of the Lakota, Wallace Black Elk tells the story of seeing a UFO come down from the sky. Black Elk describes communicating with the extraterrestrials who came from through craft through telepathy.

They’re actually our ancestors because we took their DNA, and when they upgraded us, American Indians believe that we all are connected with the star people as our distant relatives. Although we were on the planet, we took their teachings and they upgraded us through their efforts,” Mahooty says. “So in the long run, we’re part alien.”



Hopi legend says that mankind was created as 4 races: black, white, yellow, and red. These groups were told to migrate to the 4 corners of the world, then make their way back to where the Hopi live now. The Hopi were the only ones to complete this migration.

The interesting bit is that these stories may be as much as 16,000 years old.

The Hopi didn’t make contact with black, white, or yellow people until a few hundred years ago, at least according to modern scientific theories.

How the did they know about these other people they supposedly hadn’t yet met?

I used to be considered a leading expert in Native American folklore and mythology. I have in my possession well over 1,000 tales from over 100 tribes. These include many examples of “star knowledge,” which are teachings they say came from the aliens.

Many of these stories contain information that they simply couldn’t have gotten any other way, such as details of planets in our solar system that can’t be seen with the naked eye, and details of distant stars.


Not Native American, but the Dogon tribe of Africa is the best example of star knowledge.

They were “discovered” sometime in the 1930’s or early 1940’s by a team of French anthropologists, who were surprised to learn that their 50 year ritual cycle was tied to the star Sirius.

You see, scientists had just calculated the orbital period of the Sirius binary system, and the orbital period is… 50 years. How could they have known that?

Sirius is interesting in and of itself. We call it the dog star, and almost every culture on earth associated it with dog-like creatures. The Native Americans called it the Coyote Star. In China, it’s the Wolf Star, the Egyptians called it the Jackal Star, and so on around the world.

Sirius is just a dot in the sky, it looks nothing like a dog. So why do so many cultures link it to a dog?

The legends say that the aliens who taught mankind came from there, and they had extended snouts something like a dog’s. The Egyptian god Anubis is just one example, but there are many more.

The Dogon also claimed that Neptune was blue, as did the ancient Sumerians. It wasn’t until 1989 that Voyager 2 got close enough to take the first good pictures of Neptune. And yes, Neptune is indeed blue.

They said that the aliens taught them these things. How else could they have known?


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I don’tkno about “great knowledge,” but I’ve been interested in this sort of thing for a long time.

When I learn of a ritual, i ask why they would do what they do. There’s always a reason.

Why did the Aztecs, for example, think that their gods would like the sacrificial blood of tens of thousands of prisoners? It makes no sense, but something led them to believe that.

But if we were engineered, and if the aliens that did it come back now and then, and drew blood to check on how things are going, it does make sense.

So the aliens leave, and things start falling apart. The Aztecs need the gods to come back, because they are the teachers and can set things back on track, as they have done before.

You know they like blood, because every time they come, they take blood samples. They must love the stuff, right?

So you sacrifice a few people and give the blood as an offering, but they don’t come back. Maybe they are so far away that they can’t “hear” the offering. Obviously, we need to offer more blood.

And eventually, you keep upping the game, sacrificing tens of thousands of people each month. this doesn’t work either, of course, but the logic is sound considering their lack of technical knowledge. The ancients weren’t dumb, they were every bit as smart as you or I, just not as educated.


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Another example of this might be the Aztec belief in Quetzalcoatl, described as a feathered serpent.

Could this have been based on sightings of a comet or maybe the rogue planet Nibiru?

A comet has a tail. As seen from earth, it’s long and skinny. Since it’s moving, it must be alive. Long skinny living creatures are probably snakes.

The body is fuzzy and indistinct, as comet tails are, so it must be covered in fur or something. But wait, it’s in the air, so it can’t have fur, it must be feathers.

These are perfectly logical assumptions to make.



The Nephilim

Genesis 6 (King James version) says… “There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.”

“Giants” is sort of a mistranslation of the original “Nephilim,” which means “fallen ones.” Since it later describes them as “men of renown,” they are only giants in the way we might call someone a giant of industry.

“Sons of God” is also a mistranslation. The original text has, “Bənē hāʾĔlōhīm,” which translates to “sons of the Gods.” Note the plural form.

The Nephilim were the hybrid offspring of the aliens (Sons of the Gods) and humans. These couldn’t have been “fallen angels,” as so many think, because fallen angels are not men, let alone men of renown.

The Nephilim had much larger brains than humans. They were looked up to because of this increased intelligence.

The limiting factor in the size of our brains is, obviously, the size of our heads, and that size is limited by the size of the birth canal. Huge heads would get stuck, and this would be bad, right?

Well, that depends on the shape of the head. A tall skinny head would have more brain capacity and still not kill the birth mother.

peru skull

This skull is from Peru, but they have been found all over the world. These were the Nephilim.

In the first age, we were ruled by aliens directly. In the second, the Nephilim took over, in our current age, mankind rules itself.

The Nephilim were eventually overthrown or died off. They were “fallen” as one might describe a fallen warrior or a fall from grace.

And yet the memories remained of a group of beings who had all the answers, who helped and organized and taught. Some cultures started ritually head binding their babies, thinking that, if they could shape their baby’s head right, they would be smart and recognized as a rightful ruler. These people were trying to regain something lost.

Later rulers tried to pretend that they were Nephilim. This is why the Egyptian rulers wore tall crowns. This is why popes and bishops wear tall hats. This is why witches are often portrayed as wearing tall pointy hats. You wouldn’t know any of these were not Nephilim unless they took off their hats, so they never took them off in public.


Here’s just one example of what these people looked like without their hats. This is a bust of one of Pharaoh Akhenaten’s daughters…



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Many Egyptian busts depict these elongated heads. Did they actually look like that?

Who knows? But it doesn’t really matter one way or the other. If they looked like that, they were Nephilim. If they didn’t, someone tried to present them as such. Convincing your subjects that you are “of the Gods” makes your rule legitimate, and the comman man wouldn’t dare to question your edicts. How could one argue with a god?


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Genisis 6:20 (King James Verion)…

“And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.”

This passage is generally assumed to mean that Adam bestowed names upon the animals, like nobody had a name for cows and such before that.

But if you were an alien that had just modified an earth creature (mankind) to be smarter, you would want to test their intelligence. One might do this by first teaching them language, just as modern researchers are teaching apes sign language.

How do we learn language? Don’t we use picture books, and aren’t we thrilled when we point to a cat and the kid says, “kitty?”

The “gods” were equally pleased when their creation Adam was able to name the animals. He wasn’t giving them names, he was showing that he was smart enough to learn their language.

But if the text also says that man and woman were created at the same time, from the “stuff of the earth,” why did he suddenly need a helper?

Jewish tradition holds that the first woman was Lilith, Adam’s first wife, so to speak. Since she was created at the same time, she refused to submit to Adam’s domination. As the stories go, she ran away a few times, and each time was brought back by angels.

One interesting detail was that Lilith had an amulet that she could use to contact the angels directly should she need help. In modern times, this could be described as a tracking/communication device.

Eventually, they decided she wasn’t going to submit, no matter how many times they brought her back, so they just let her go.

And this left Adam without a helper.

Sitchin’s translations of Sumerian texts say that the first creations were sterile. In fact, it took them thousands of years to get the genetics right, and many of their earlier efforts had severe genetic defects. Many of these defects are still with us.

In the end, the alien geneticist Ninti took marrow from her own rib, extracted the DNA, and combined it with the DNA of their primitive worker… in Sumerian, the “A Dam.”

See the Sumerian myth called, “Enki and Ninhursag” for the full story.


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The different ages of rulership are detailed in the Sumerian King Lists, of which some 16 copies have been found across Mesopotamia. Most of the copies are fragmentary, and they do show slight differences in length of reign. This is to be expected, but they are all in general agreement.

In the first age, when the gods ruled mankind directly, 8 kings are mentioned. These each ruled for between 43,200 and 28,800 years for a total of 241,200 years. This section ends with, “Then the flood swept over.”

The next section lists the demi-god/Nephilim kings. 23 are listed, and these ruled between 1500 and 300 years each for a total of 24,510 years.

The final section lists 12 kings who ruled for a total of 396 years. These were fully human, and so ruled for normal lengths of time.

It’s interesting to note that these lists cover more than 265,000 years, when modern archaeologists and anthropologists claim Homo Sapiens has only been around less than 200,000 years.

There are also Kings Lists from Egypt, and some of these detail 2 periods before the dynastic Egypt that many know. The first was the age of Ancient Gods, the second was the age of the Mythical Kings. These also cover vast spans of time. Of course, science doesn’t believe in alien/gods or hybrids, so these are seen as “mythical.”

And yet they took the time to carve the information into rock at their temples. The ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, who were there at the time, must have been mistaken, right? Maybe they were just trolling us. SMH


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