The game table locks up

I have had the game table lock up on me many times. The problem is with the Flash Player. It happens when you slide the raise slider control. I have to open the windows task manager and kill the flash process tree to regain control over my browser. This happens using the latest version of fire fox and int explorer. I have updated to the latest version of flash. Also other players are complaning about the game locking on them.

had the same problem, switched my browser to google chrome

Me too, i use Google Crome for a while, works better for here (for me at the moment) Got frozen with firefox every time.

Duke12Ten, can you try playing using chrome and let us know if it’s any better.

It would also be helpful if any players reading this topic can post on their experience with locking up/disconnecting in the game. For example when was the last time this happened to you and what browser do you use?

We’re releasing a new html5 client to replace the old flash one. This should solve the reliability issues that come with flash. This should happen hopefully in the first quarter of this year.

Hi, I have been using the new html client and have had fewer problems with IE and fire fox. I still have issues with the play button not turning green when the tournament time is reached. I typically have to reload/refresh the page to change the button. I have been updating flash (many times) over the past weeks. This I believe has helped with the table not locking up.

I passed it to the tech-team. I think there is a problem with updating the pages.

Duke12Ten… the play button you mentioned, which isn’t turning green - is that on the dashboard, the lobby or the pop-up window for the tournament?