The "game start" notice

I have noticed that, even when I click on it immediately, I end up missing one or two hands. It would be nice if it was posted just a little sooner.
There have been many times that the “game start” window did not appear on my screen while on another site. Most times it does but it does skip one every once in a while.


When the beep comes on that the play will be starting shortly The “Play now” notification does not come up for a while because the page doesn’t refresh soon enough. I will usually just press F5 (page refresh) and at the refresh point, the “play now” button appears.

The refresh frequency is pretty slow on the lobby pages. Hope this helps.

I think you missed my point. What you are referring to ls when you are in the poker room. I am referring to times when I am not in the poker room. For instance, I might be watching something on my home page when Replay posts notice that the game is starting. Some times I don’t get the notice, sometimes , I do. My comment was to the effect that it is given too late. I respond immediately and still miss a hand or two.

@TacoJr We have an earlier notification that appears around 2 minutes before the tournament starts, when the tables are ready. Right now this notification is only displayed on the RP site. Next Monday I will change it to be a browser-wide notification too. Please, let me know next week if it solved the problem.