The Game of Life

Just came across this article and thought I’d pass it on:


What a great article. Thanks for sharing this, jujube.

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You’re welcome, JanCee.

tooo long article for me…thx anyway …tried and scanned through, no big deal other than a book advertisement of Konnikova :frowning:

Hello, sand_25, welcome to the Replay Poker Forums. Hope you come here often.

I just finished her book, The Biggest Bluff, a really great read. I’d say its less about poker than about dealing with randomness, fortune, misfortune and opportunity in life; its more of a guide to the human mind than a how-to on poker playing. But she offers some good tips while explaining her own struggle to become a better player.


The meat is in the second half of the article… Great observation on LIFE! A lesson that it takes many people most of a lifetime to learn. I learned that lesson the hard way, living it… Worth reading and considering… a paradigm change for some people. Thanks for posting.

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jujube - I just sent you a friend request as I would be honored to be friends with a player with the perspicacity to submit the excerpt from Maria Konnijkova’s book. One of the finest pieces of writing I have encountered recently!

Your welcome JohnW49. In one of the first games I played on this site I was confounded by the jolly banter at the table and had a feeling they were talking about me, so I posted a ? in chat. One of the players said, ‘You look like you could be a good player, jujube, but you need to stop tilting’. I said okay and looked up the meaning of tilting. I was pretty sure that I had not gotten angry in the game, but obviously I was affected by something and it had influenced my play. I’m still learning, but what I can say is that tilting means one is making a judgement on ones ability and there is a sense of unfairness attached to it. It doesn’t really matter what you have to face in the game, whether bad luck, a bad hand or unreasonable players, it only matters that you have a sense of adventure, a ‘bring it on’ attitude, that comes from knowing that you are able to learn.


We all have good and bad things in our lives. Like the saying, ‘Life is 10% how you get it and 90% how you take it’. We live in turbulent times… wishing you a GREAT 4th and a blessed life…