The fairness debate

That’s true, but if 2000 people buy $20. worth every two days, what does the site make in a week? I know that a lot more people then that buy chips and a lot more then just 10 to 20 also. Be careful people!!!

at table #1883845 4AM CST I WAS DEALT A FULL HOUSE, KINGS OVER 6S. JABBER34 HAD 6S OVER KINGS AND WAS GIVEN 13925 CHIPS. I’m a rookie on the computer. I was doing the hand over pressed save and could not get it back. can you check it out and let me know? also I need to resign with stripes because I need to buy chips because I take too many chances. email or call. I have a super joke for you… thanks,supersam34

Looks like hand number #219712781. Your hole cards were K 4 and jabber had 6 6. Flop 6 7 3 with turn K and river K. You only had 3 Kings while jabber had a full house of sixes over kings so he wins and collects the pot.
On a side note, it’s not really a good idea to post email or phone number on a public forum. You may end up with all kinds of fruitloops trying to contact you. I suggest you edit those details out and contact replay from the dashboard page.
Good Luck and Good Cards.

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@whoeverit thanks for clarification on @supersam34’s hand - that’s exactly what happened. I know I’m a few days late, but I’ve also just removed the email address and phone number from his post since, as you said, it’s definitely not a good idea to post that stuff to the public :slight_smile:

You dilusional if you think that much people buy chips.
Also, if you use RP for free, as others very welcome to do so, why you angry about some pp actually support the site with money or work?
Also, if make you that angry, you better go somwhere else. Not good for you, its unhealthy. But, a good and fast walk down, or up in the road, will restore your issues.

Never mind… lol…

marcipan have got the of how many people buy chips on the site if so could post please if not why talk like you know

You cant read or something? [quote=“marcipan, post:873, topic:2578”]
You dilusional if you think that much people buy chips.

As a business man myself, got some idea tho.
See, a raff calculation
Last week avg 475 pp ( exactly in ring, this info easy to find if you know where to look )
So, say 24 hour, 24X475 , that 11400 pp in play, so thats the possible buyers number. No way every 6th pp buy chips.

Ok, there is a other calculation, workers, investment, server, translation site rent ( yes, that cost too )
( Not say more as may too much)

You could gess the incrase of the chips from the top 1000 pp, then you got the idea, after all the free chips, how much raffly sell.
Just a daily bonus 30 mill.

But one thing is clear, you dont know anything about it.

My guess about 50-100 pp buy chips daly.

Bless you.

Actually, is a way tell by guess exactly.
_When a large number of people independently estimate how many pp are buy, although most guesses are wildly off, the average of all the guesses is very accurate. _

So get all your friends to guess and average the results.

LOL it is right

no i can’t read and don’t guess when i start calling people delusional so bottom you haven’t got any idea how chips are buy ?

marcipan - What is the air speed velocity of a laden swallow?(either African or European)

@B17 Not sure about their speed but I have been told they can go from full speed to full stop real quick on quiet days during duck season… Don’t know for sure tho

Whoever says this site is clean can’t be more wrong. When I started i got up to 9 milions in about month and half. I played the same as now just bigger stakes. Blew it all one drunk and high night, nvm. BUT ! Playing low stakes and always bluffing didnt allow me to advance and so i said to myself lets start playing poker like school poker. Results: a whole bunch of 72, 93, 83, 49, and that kind of shift, tried to bluff (works sometimes but been getting too awful cards even to bluff, so awful you need to all in to scare opponent away, but we all know there are ppl here who call the uncallable) didnt, work, if i get some good cards, the opponent gets one better. I DO the job, i BET right amount considering outs but still cant get constantly good results. I know good poker, I play good and I just cant make peace with that turn of events. Its like soccer team who attacks all the time but the opponent shoots once and he gets goal by deflected shot from defender. Thats how I feel, like that team.Also when i get good hands either none is calling/raising or they raise more and i ALWAYS get dealt that one overcard that messes things up for me or get none. Waiting for good cards is eternity and when you get one like QQ the flop looks Ks Ad 7s. Like, suck it, flop! Bottom line, I’m a good player, better than 2/3 here but its like im constantly being pushed down by cards. And guys this is especially for 6 seated table.

Play several tables at once. Keep a TAGish VPIP/PFR between 15/10 and 18/16 and play abc poker trying to value and almost never bluff.You’ll get results even though it will be a bit boring :wink:

It’s also important to remember that the odds don’t apply specifically to you – everyone is playing cards at the table, everyone has odds, and there are only so many cards in the deck. Most folks typically call that a bad beat. “Luck” is streaky, and we start to see patterns, because that’s how our brains work.

But that’s not really how random number generators work, fortunately. They don’t have human biases. =) In fact, they don’t really have any memory of your cards, what’s going on on your computer, or anyone else’s. They just sort of hang out and deal cards for us, in conjunction with the other pieces of software on the site. While our site DOES have bugs – nobody is perfect and we thank y’all for reporting them where you find them – we keep a close eye on the random number generator, going as far as to certify it with a third party. (Here!

Poker is super paranoid game, we get that, so we’re trying to make sure we’re clear with what’s going on. If you have any questions, we’re happy to address 'em!


That should be on “About Us” page, or “FAQ”.

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see you all at replay are sticking to same old excuses., or exscuse me “explanation” as to why decent players cant win and i mean cant…way to many big card hands…nobody foldin…then one bad beat after another…for god sake the flushes alone, have u seen how many pop up…and then 2 or 3 people will have a flush…no its not rigged, no the other players are not better than you at poker,and no your not "figgering you odds wrong, its just a really poor poker program…that would really like you to purchase a few tokens,

I had to tell everyone about my last table on this screwed up site.
Three times I tried to go all-in after the flop or turn with what would have been the winning hand. I clicked All-in and then Bet. This F**Ked up site wouldn’t do it. I sat and watched helplessly as I got timed out. But ONLY with a winning hand. When I went All-in after the turn with the wheel I was called by a player chasing a flush and the site gave it to him on the river. Now that All-in went through.
Incidentally, the chaser won 9 out of the last 10 hands and this was at Omaha High Low with six at the table. He chopped one and won eight straight out. Statistically something like 5,000 to 1.
People, do not try to play cards on this site. The site is programed not to allow certain profiles to win and will just screw you to hell and back.

Traditionally Omaha is a pot limit game, so maybe you entered a pot limit game hence the fact that you couldn’t go all in (especially on the flop, the pot might not have been big enough). On the turn given that the pot was probably bigger than on any flop (depending on both pf and flop action obviously) your all-in went through since your number of chips left was probably below the pot size.

Generally speaking going all-in on the flop in Omaha H/L is a bad idea so you can actually thank the site :wink:

Sorry to burst that bubble but It was an Omaha High Low No Limit ring game.