The definition of loose as opposed to lose

I’ve never made any comments on these forums, but I read them a lot, and this bugs me. I’m no english scholar, but the word loose has a different meaning than the word lose.


  1. free or released from attachment (example: a loose end)
  2. free from anything that binds or restrains: unfettered (example: loose cats prowling around in alleyways at night)
    3.not bound together (example: to wear one’s hair loose)


  1. to come to be without(something) in one’s care or possession, through accident, theft, etc…
  2. to fail to retain (something) in such a way that it cannot be immediately recovered. (example: that guy caught a miracle card on the river and made me lose all my chips)
  3. to suffer the deprivation of (example: to lose one’s chips, to lose one’s job, to lose one’s life).

I know this is silly, but I’ve seen other people comment on it from time to time, so I know it bugs other people too. Just thought it might be funny to see what other people have to say on the subject.


I am English and I assure you that the two definitions are completely different.
“Lose” a poker hand
“Loose” connection in wiring.
Strange language isn’t it. I mean what language would put a letter “B” on the word Lamb !! :slight_smile:

I too am British/English, I was brought up in the days when punishment for misbehavior at school was allowed where pupils became unruly, I was encouraged to learn grammar and math etc and some teachers even made it a “Fun” lesson.
These days however, all discipline powers have been taken away from the school staff and the pupils know that!, the pupils are fully aware of their rights but apparently have absolutely no idea about what their responsibilities are, …what’s the world going to become like for my grandchildren.


I honestly can’t believe it when I see it in a chat box and equally as stunned to see something I learned and knew by the 2nd grade discussed here. That’s right I said 2nd grade folks, so get it together…

A word in your ear moeron, a little less critical and a tad more thoughtful for those who may not have the same understanding as you or I.
Spare a thought for those please :slight_smile:


It can be annoying but Pedants who point out what may be a mis-hit and not mis-use annoy me way more .

I blame the American education system for not teaching them children English

Well if they arm teachers with guns like they’re suggesting now, that should take care of it :joy: