The cut-off!

Okay, “Replay”, what’s going on? Time and time again in the night games I am timed out within ONE SECOND! YES, ONE SECOND! So many winning hands lost! It’s unbelievable and I am sick of it! Please adjust your program!

The Anhaga.

–Quick question: Have you asked Support@ReplayPoker.Com for a review of your issue? They have always been helpful.

Not the same subject Angaha mentions, but related. “What is going on?”

I’ve been playing here a couple of years and while suck-outs on Replay occur more frequently than I have ever seen in live play, they appear to have increased significantly in the past 4-6 weeks, and I don’t me just against me. Players have taken to calling hands that have poor pot odds (normally) but are at least worth calling given the frequency of suck-outs. An action they would never consider if they were paying to play. This is not “normal” poker play. Statistics COULD account for some of the increase, but whatever has happened, I can clearly see it has changed the nature of the play in most of the games I sit at. It doesn’t matter if it is a Freeroll or the game has a buy in. Have you changed your algorithm lately? Maybe more players have decided, “Might as well go all in and hope it is my turn to hit my suck-out.” If not, I’ll go mow the lawn and just wait for the next tourney hoping to double up/scoop a couple of times before I return to “normal” play. In other words it seems bingo play is on the rise and not just on the unlimited re-buys.

Which brings another subject. Playing bingo verses pot odds, versus implied odds. I know what the difference is, but based on comments some players don’t. Bingo is going all-in pre-flop repeatedly with any two cards with the intention of either re-buying or leaving the game to wait for the next bingo-fest. Going all in post-flop might be bingo, but just because you aren’t willing to call a monster bet doesn’t mean your opponent is playing bingo. How many people here understand the concept of trying to push someone off a hand with a monster bet, verses going all-in with no hand and no favorable pot/implied odds? There is no such thing as bullying in poker (unless you ARE playing bingo). There is big stack play and short stack play and both have large bets, and/or all-ins, as a component. There are players here who don’t know the difference as evidenced by their comments while playing, which sometimes are VERY rude.

There is also the issue of playing to win in a tourney, verses playing to make the money. You have to decide for yourself what your goal is. Often, just trying to make the bubble makes it virtually impossible to make a final table, let alone win. If you decide making the bubble is more important than moving up don’t be angry when others, usually with much bigger stacks, take advantage of your conservative play to steal chips. That is not bullying.

Also, don’t ask me to slow down my play so someone else can make the money. This doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Someone says, “Hey everybody slow play so player X (a friend of mine) can make the cutoff.” NOT! I want to eliminate that short-stacked player to make it to the money myself, hopefully with my stack intact. Different goals, different approach to play. If your skill set doesn’t realistically afford you a chance to attain your goal, don’t cry when someone else’s does.


This problem seemed to of disappeared for awhile but has returned. I noticed it happening again for the past few weeks. A friend of mine has been complaining {thought it might of just been him} but noticed other players are also timing out a lot again also. Doll :slight_smile:

you nailed it with the suck outs. players call with whatever 2 cards and their thinking is hey that player just sucked maybe I can to. lost with back to back 3 of a kind and just got knocked out of a tourney after flopping a straight. other day, got dealt pocket Q’s made a healthy preflop raise, everyone folds but one player he called with J,6 off suit. what you know J J forget last card on the flop, then hit the last J for quads. like seriously, if they had JJ or JA so be it, but J, 6 really. I wish can play that terrible and get hands like that.

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Very perceptive and timely. This distinction had to be made! Thank you.

Helps not to be alone. Thank you.

Sri, gave your answer to wildpokerdude.

Yep. Me too!

just makes you not want to play hardly anymore.

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One reason there are more suck outs, as you term them, is the number of players. I’m willing to bet there is a heavy influx of players during the summer due to teens being out of school.


I have the same problem, but it is not Replay, It is my internet connection, or I should say the lack of that causes the problem

might be joining you. setup hands after setup hands. just not fun.

I beat it, WPD! I beat it!!
I played a couple of hands and did very well. Then I received a statement that I was timed out, but it wasn’t my turn!! However, when it came to me I was bypassed. I laid low and won a few more hands and then I hit the one-second waiting time twice in a row! (One second was all I was allowed to respond!)
I bailed out as fast as I could and pulled off a tidy profit. Lol!
Moral? You can’t lose them all!

The Anhaga.

Happens regularly when you are next to play after big blind.Especially on first round of betting after the flop dealt. Clearing cache frequently doesn’t seem to help. After 2 or 3 time outs I leave frustrated. Reported to RR but not a lot of interest shown…

I can tell you RP is diligently working on making the flash to HTML5 transition.
From what I understand the issue should be eliminated once the transition is made.

Would love to share your confidence. Thanks for reply.


Me too! I can’t continue after three one-second cut-offs, two fake “you timed out” 's, (one of which was very expensive), and three disconnects in less than an hour!
My computer technician has covered all exigencies to give my computer a clean bill of health.


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Check out your internet. I had that problem for over a year. I was using my neighbors and I would get cut off and on off and on. I would have the nuts and
poof i would loose I was not only playing against player’s I was playing against
cutting off and on.
When i had my internet hooked up just a few months ago i bought a very strong modem router. Now I don’t have any problem’s. My Stack is growing fast. I win more tournaments now and hit a few good ring games. I’m sure feeling better about playing the ring games now. I hope I keep gaining chips.
Good luck on your problem. :slight_smile:

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