The Clock: Using it as a Strategy or as a Weapon?

Stop trolling me. @Litenin will set the record straight. Stand by to stand by. Not to mention the fact that I play in the Forever Phil league, not years ago like you said . I do not play ring games .

@Craig_Anthony Craig u played 8 games this Year and quit playing in that League 2 months ago and Have Not Played Since b/c u couldn’t compete against a field of about 15 to 20 players at 5k stakes.

U only played 4 Mtts in 2022 and those were RTC Freerolls. That is 12 Mtts in 2 years yet u post Thousands of times and put ur self off as some expert. U really r a piece of work Sir.

Please can U Stop Trolling Every thread it is not fair to the Community as a whole.

Your on tilt because you lost 600 million chips in a month. I didn’t quit any league. Stop spreading misinformation. I don’t play ring games I told you, pay attention!!!

There is no app for the iPhone. I use my computers for my company flying drones right now. Stop trolling me. Reporting to @fizzymint

This is stupid dealing with ur bs. lol

Please do not let this topic become a personal issue, and let us keep it on track. Thank you.