The blinds continue to raise during the break (BRB tournament)

I was in a bankroll builder tournament and I saw that the tournament clock wasn’t halted as I expected during the 5 mn pause. The blinds were augmented soon after the play resumed. Is it a common feature of the tournaments on RP?

I think what you’re seeing is the “real” clock. It counts down the break, then play resumes. So, in the free rolls, you’ll get 60 minutes of play the first hour, five minutes of break, then 55 minutes of play to the second break (assuming the event lasts that long). Events lasting longer will continue to have 55 minutes per hour of play. I’m sure someone will check me on this, but I think that’s correct. Good luck.

Thank you for your answer but I should have made it clearer that it’s the tournament i.e. blinds clock that continues to tick during the pause. No problem with the 55mn for the second session.

To sum it up: the blinds continue to raise during the pause. It may be a feature on RP but a surprising one.

Judging from the lack of answer this feature wasn’t noticed before. I would redirect my question to the staff if I knew a mean to contact them directly. I couldn’t locate the contact form though. Can someone show me the way?

Hi Trickster13,

You can email Replay Poker support by clicking the “?” symbol on the dashboard then click on “Contact us” or you can email support directly at

I hope this helps!


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Hey @Trickster13, I’ve let our Poker Ops Manager know about this thread. He’s going to review the break logic and get back to you soon – likely tomorrow since it’s the end of the workday in the UK. :slight_smile:


Hi @Marc978,

I can see it but I can’t click on it or rather the click yields no action.

Edit: the action just came back, a small window opens in the left bottom corner (title is “Assistance”) but no “Contact us” item.

Clicking the “?” should open a box that offers up some Help Center suggestions based on the page you’re on, along with a “Contact Us” button. On some pages, it might not prompt the suggestions, and only have a text box. Once you type something there (like “blinds” or “break” for instance), it will offer up some articles to check, as well as the “Contact us” button if they don’t:


If you don’t see the button after entering text, please let me know!


Ok. I need to write some text AND strike the “enter” touch otherwise the “Contact us” button doesn’t appear. Thanks for the help.

Hi Trickster13,

I looked into the break and blinds logic, especially during the Bankroll Builder tournaments and I don’t think the blinds do go up during the break.

The break is announced at the end of level 10 (400/800) and all the tables pause after they finish that hand. The break timer counts down. I think the counter you saw during the break was the 'resume in: ’ timer for the time left in the break.

When a break ends, all the tables restart at the next blind level, in the case of Bankroll Builders it is 500/1000

Here is the Blinds Schedule from a Bankroll Builder tournament Lobby


Hope this clarifies it

Regards, Rob


Hi @Chasetheriver,

To-day I tried another BRB, but this time the second clock didn’t show up. It was located approx. on the same level as the “Resume in” clock, and ticking. I should have saved the screen. Now it looks like I hallucinated obviously. Anyway thanks for your answer.

Not uncommon around here…