The Best Kept Secret

This is a game site, and as such, you should be having fun! Win or lose, it should provide enjoyment. If you’re not having fun, close the browser and take a break! There’s no shame in stepping out for a smoke break, or taking a little personal time for a trip to the little boys room.

For me, my best kept secret is…The Beach Boys! Yep, when I’m playing, I mute the sound on the game (a feature most sites don’t have!), put the headphones on, and rock out to The Sounds of Summer Album as the cards fly. My coffee cup is right by my keyboard (careful, don’t spill!!), and my feet are propped on my file cabinet.

Win or lose, I very seldom do not have fun! Only when folks get annoying do I get irked, because this is all for fun! Good manners count. I normally turn the chat box to the “notes” tab when folks get verbal, unless there’s someone I know at the table. In short, it has to be fun…or it’s just not worth it!

So find those things that make you happy as you play. Winning and losing are only marks on the board in cyberspace, but enjoying your life is the point! I wish you good poker!! Only slightly (very slightly) less than mine :slight_smile :slight_smile:



Thank you Sarge well said…well accepted…best of luck…hope to see you on the tables

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